5 Ways to Make Your Content More Visual

It’s no mystery that visual content drives more engagement from your online audiences. Readers are drawn more to content with a relevant image than a dry block of text. The logic makes sense.

However, the actual numbers behind this increased engagement are shocking. A recent study by content creation platform Skyward found that on average, total views of an article with an image were 94% higher than those without.

Facebook has published similar data. According to internal data sources, posts that include a photo album generate about 180% more engagement than the average post, while those featuring a picture generate about 120% more engagement.

In a recent interview with Content Strategist, Content Marketing Institute’s Jodi Harris shed some light on the reason why photos are becoming such a critical part of content creation:

“Any image, really, can enhance an article because it helps to humanize the concepts being talked about,” Harris said. ”It helps an article become more than just nameless, faceless chatter — it helps readers view the author’s insight as a relatable, personal experience.”

Achieving this personal feel in your content can be the secret to more shares, more comments, and more engagement. So how can you capitalize on the use of images? Here are 5 easy ways to start getting more from your content by using images:

Post images to Facebook:

Facebook is a platform optimized for images. Create albums for your events, post visual content like infographics, and add pictures from around the office.

Find relevant images for blog posts:

Apart from a few exceptions, your blog posts should always have a relevant image. This will catch your audience’s attention and give them a glimpse into the article’s content.

Attach images to tweets:

According to a recent study by Buddy Media, including images in your tweets is an effective way to receive more click-throughs and retweets. Check out other tweeting tips from our recent snapshot!

Start using Pinterest:

You don’t have to fully understand the new social network, but you should be using Pinterest if only for the traffic it generates. Post pictures, visual content, and even blog posts.

Jump on the Instagram bandwagon:

The last few months have seen a much wider adoption of Instagram by businesses of all types. Give your audience a sneak peak into your company culture while showing off your personality.

In the increasingly crowded and noisy marketplace, anything that increases consumer interest in your content needs to become a main focus. With numbers like the ones cited above, it is impossible to ignore the power of including images in your content.

How are you making your content more visual? Have you seen an increase in engagement? We would love to hear about it in the comments.