5 Engagement Questions—Answered: A Pardot Research Report

82% of consumers indicate that the type of content affects their perception of how credible the information is.

How do I increase engagement with my content and brand?

It’s the question that we’ve been trying to answer all month long — and one that marketers should, quite frankly, be asking themselves each and every day. And this question often leads to a whole other slew of questions: what drives consumers to engage with a brand, to identify them as a credible source of information, and ultimately, to share that brand’s content with their own following?

In an effort to answer these questions, we surveyed over 400 people on issues of brand engagement: the ways in which they engage, why, and how these engagements influence their decision to purchase. What we found: producing engaging content is more important than ever; in fact, respondents indicated that having authentic content was 3x more impactful than a brand’s perceived position in the marketplace when it came to making purchasing decisions.

The authenticity of your content is 3x more important to consumers than your brand’s position in the marketplace.

So we delved even deeper into the art of creating authentic content and driving brand engagement, and set out to answer the following five questions:

1. What establishes my content as trustworthy?
2. Does the type of content matter?
3. Which channels do my audience consider to be the most credible?
4. How do I accumulate subscribers, fans, and followers for my brand?
5. How do I retain subscribers, fans, and followers?

Download our full research report to see our findings and learn the answers to these five compelling questions — and hopefully start improving engagement levels with your own brand today!


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