The 2014 Content Creation Guide

This month, we’re exploring the art of engagement, from engagement with your prospects and customers to other industry thought leaders. We’ve already covered the five R’s of social media engagement, but we’ve yet to discuss one of the biggest tools for customer engagement: content.

Content creation ranks as the single most effective SEO tactic by 53%. (MarketingSherpa) tweetbutton

If you’re looking for a way to engage with leads on your website, nurture non sales-ready leads over time, improve your stance as a thought leader, and connect with your buyers on an entirely new level, then content marketing is your best bet. To help you do all of these things and more, we’ve completely revamped our content creation guide to include the latest best practices, industry statistics, and content tracking information that you need to be successful (and report on that success!).

Ready to get started? Check out the full Content Creation Guide to learn more about:

  • setting realistic goals for your content
  • six content types worth taking for a spin
  • creating buyer personas for your content
  • how to map your content to each stage of the sales cycle
  • how to set up an effective editorial calendar
  • 14 KPIs to track and measure content success

Then, use one of our five worksheets included at the end of the Guide to fine-tune your own content strategy:

  1. Goal Identification Worksheet
  2. Buyer Personas Template
  3. Basic Planning Worksheet
  4. Content Mapping Worksheet
  5. Editorial Calendar Template

Get the full Guide by clicking on the banner below!

content creation guide

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