10 Content Marketing Mistakes (And Likely Reactions) [GIFs]

Content marketing has been a major focus in the industry for the last few years and takes center stage this week as Content Marketing World kicks off in Ohio.

Despite its rapid growth in popularity and the countless strategic resources available, content marketing is an area that many companies continue to struggle with. From messages that are too salesy to ineffective promotional strategies, content marketing is rife with mistakes that can hamper the effectiveness of even the best content.

What’s more, these mistakes can actually push potential customers away, irritating an audience or creating a bad impression of a company.

To help you remember the human element of a content marketing mistake, we’ve put together a list of mistakes to avoid, and also included a GIF reaction that your post is likely to receive. Oh, and as an added bonus, we’ve included links for you to easily share these mistakes with your social network. Enjoy!

Mistake #1: You’re selling

content marketing mistakes- selling

Your audience is exposed to thousands of sales messages a day. Using your content as just another avenue to make a sales pitch is a surefire way to have it ignored. Once you’ve built a relationship, then you can focus on pitching your product or service.

Mistake #2: You’re not providing value

content mistakes- time waste

The main focus of your content should be on providing value to your audience. Providing valuable tips, resources, and takeaways is the easiest way to build a relationship with your audience and position your company as industry leading experts.

Mistake #3: You’re inconsistent

content marketing mistakes

Once you’ve captured your audience’s attention, you need to hold it by posting content consistently. Whether it’s once a day or once a week, your audience should know when to look for your latest updates.

Mistake #4: Your quality is bad

content mistakes- bad quality

When it comes to content, the focus should always be on quality above quantity. With so much content flooding the marketplace, only the highest quality content breaks through the noise to reach consumers.

Mistake #5: You don’t have a focus

content mistakes- not focused

You don’t always have to produce content around a single topic, but your audience should be able to understand the overarching theme or focus of your content. Lacking focus can make your content seem unorganized and can turn off some consumers that are only interested in one particular topic you cover.

Mistake #6: You’re not promoting

content mistakes- not promoting

Even the best content will go unnoticed without a promotional strategy. You need to promote your content heavily through major social channels and relevant media outlets in your industry.

Mistake #7: You’re posting too much

content mistakes- quantity

Posting consistently can help engage and maintain your audience, but flooding your audience with content can overwhelm and even irritate your audience, not to mention dilute the value of your content as a whole.

Mistake #8: Keyword stuffing

content mistakes- keyword stuffing

Content marketing is all about SEO, but savvy consumers will notice if you are only creating content for the keyword benefit. You should be optimizing for SEO, but you should never try to game the system.

Mistake #9: Too many buzzwords

content mistakes- buzzwords

Buzzwords can be an easy way to sum up complex concepts concisely, but using them too much can alienate your consumers or make it seem like you do not understand your own topic.

Mistake #10: You’re only using the marketing department

content mistakes- new perspectives

If your content is only coming from your marketing department, you are missing and opportunity for new ideas and fresh perspectives. Recruit contributors from across your organization to offer new insights and take some of the creative burden off your shoulders.