How to Build Sales Cloud Task Queues to Manage Timely Sales Follow-ups

Does a good proportion of your business come from renewals?  Do you ever worry that you’re letting renewal business slip through the fence?  Do sales managers struggle to gain visibility into the hard work your reps are doing?  If you answered “yes” to all three questions, it’s safe to say that you’re facing the same…

4 Phases to Launching New Products in an All-Digital World

In our all-digital world, launching a new product looks a little different than it used to — but there are still lots of ways to do it successfully. All it takes is the right tools and strategies and a lot of teamwork. Here are the four phases that were critical to launching Pardot Premium virtually….

The Role of Marketing in an All-Digital World

Amid the pandemic and a year of uncertain changes, many businesses of all sizes have had to quickly adapt and change. As remote work becomes the new norm and consumers spend more time online, our world has changed to an all-digital dependent world. However, driving engagement in an all-digital world doesn’t mean having to fully…

Marketers Can Maintain Strong Relationships With Remote Sales Teams

Now that many of us are working remotely, marketers are challenged with finding new ways to enable their sales teams to continue to generate pipeline, nurture relationships, and close deals. Growth is still possible, however, overcoming the lack of in person connection requires creative collaboration and innovation. Here are some of our tips and tricks…

Why Should Sales Care About Marketing Automation?

“Why should sales care about marketing automation?”   As the Director of Institutional Sales Operations at The Princeton Review and with 7+ years in the sales and marketing operations industry, this is a question I’ve been asked time and time again. I usually answer this question with a question: “Do you have large amounts of unqualified…

3 Ways to Win and Grow Customers by Aligning Sales and Marketing

New year, new resolution: 2020 is the year your sales and marketing strategies will finally merge to help your business grow and win more customers. Many B2B companies still struggle to align their sales and marketing departments, some are not ready to embrace technological changes, some have very old processes and others are just too…

5 Strategies for Successful Marketing and Sales Alignment

More often than not, there’s a divide between marketing and sales teams. For many companies, this just seems to be a fact of life. But why can’t marketing and sales get along? Usually, it’s because they aren’t really aligned.  Marketing and sales teams typically use separate processes, tools, and data, and they have different priorities….

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