Xirrus Creates Seamless Conversations with Pardot and Sales Cloud

"Pardot is critical to our marketing and sales teams. We simply cannot be competitive without our partnership with Salesforce."
Carrie Krinock
Director, Marketing Communications
About Xirrus Wi-Fi

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Quick Facts
Grew a record-breaking 20% in revenue in one year
Increased the number of engagement programs from one to 7 in only 6 months
Decreased marketing automation spend by 50%

Xirrus Wi Fi is a leading provider of high-performance wireless networks that function under the most demanding circumstances offering a consistent “wired-like” performance with superior coverage and security. Providing uninterrupted connectivity and unified management across a wireless network to customers of all shapes and sizes, Xirrus customers can operate business-critical applications across the globe without issue.

High-performance and seamless connectivity — these are truths by which the Xirrus business runs both their service and communication with customers. Prior to bringing on Salesforce Pardot, the sales and marketing teams at Xirrus wanted to improve the customer path to purchase. They needed to create a seamless conversation with their prospects that would provide the right information to their prospects at the right time.

Identifying the Moment of Purchase

“Everyone has wifi. For us, it is all about finding the needle in the haystack. Who is ready to upgrade or swap their wireless solution, and when does that moment take place,” remarked Carrie Krinock, Director, Marketing Communications.

With their previous solution, the Xirrus team was not able to effectively nurture prospects during the sales cycle. Campaigns were difficult to launch, and the sales team did not have access to any insight gathered during the buying conversation.

The Xirrus marketing team needed a solution that would allow them to keep their brand top of mind for prospects, and easily identify for their sales team the most qualified leads at the moment in time when the propensity to buy was highest.

Providing Seamless Conversations with Pardot and Sales Cloud

Implementing Pardot enabled the marketing team to easily and quickly create seven strong nurture programs that would speak to the various Xirrus buying personas. Each nurture was carefully constructed to help guide a buyer down the easiest path to purchase reacting to various buying clues along the way. For instance, there are several “hand raising” calls to action in the nurture. If a prospect hits one of these, they are automatically sent to the sales team.

When they put Pardot scoring and grading in place with this, they had a perfect storm. Simply by monitoring their nurture programs, they have already identified and adapted each to make sure they are removing any barriers in the buying process. They were able to completely automate the qualification process by passing sales-ready leads (based on a specific score and grade) with added insight to the sales team.

“It’s a seamless and automatic process. Beyond the efficiency of the automation, the sales team can also leverage Pardot to gain prospect insight,” said Krinock.

The company is experiencing their most significant revenue growth spurt in large part due to an updated marketing and sales process. In the last year alone, they saw a 20% growth year-over-year in overall company revenue.

Measure, Simplify, Repeat

Once the team had tools in place that allowed them to quantify the conversion rates of “Marketing Qualified Lead” to “Sales Qualified Opportunity” to revenue, they were able to rinse and repeat the programs that were working, and update and simplify campaigns that needed tweaking. All of this was done in real-time, allowing the productivity and capabilities of the marketing team to skyrocket. In fact, they are able launch more campaigns that will create conversions with a leaner team.

It’s all about finding the highest-performing campaigns that will move the needle at Xirrus. They are able to do this with Salesforce.

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