Xcentric Uses Pardot for Intelligent Content Distribution

"100% of our everyday sales efforts and marketing decisions are based on Pardot and Salesforce."
Roy Keely
VP of Market Strategy
About Xcentric

Industry: Information Technology & Services
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Quick Facts
Increased lead generation via the web by 50%
Closed 10% of all leads that entered their database
Exceeded pipeline goals by 3-4x

Xcentric is a boutique IT services and cloud company focused on the accounting profession. As a group of software vendor-neutral technology consultants, infrastructure engineers, support professionals, and business developers, they are focused solely on making technology work for the accounting profession.

“Xcentric has been serving the needs of accounting firms since 2002,” explains Roy Keely, VP of Market Strategy, who has been with the company since 2004. “Between our marketing and sales departments, we have a small team of seven.”

Communicating Value through Content

One of Xcentric’s largest pain points was content distribution. “We have so much content, but not having a tool to send it out to the people that it would resonate with meant that people were missing it. It was sent to them at the wrong time. We needed intelligence to help us send the right content to the right people at the right time,” says Keely.

It was also about reinforcing their value proposition in order to help close deals. With a small sales team that was expected to prospect and close business, they needed a tool that would enable them to do more with less. Using Pardot in combination with Salesforce, Xcentric’s sales team was able to distinguish between the right and wrong prospects, helping them position their value proposition and target their conversations in the most relevant way possible.

Xcentric also began using Pardot real-time insights into prospect activities and sales funnel trends to turn cold calls into ‘warm’ calls. “We’re doing a lot of intelligence around call lists,” Keely expounded. “For example, if a buyer watched a webinar, our sales reps can use Pardot insights to talk to them about that webinar. If they downloaded a white paper, they can talk to them about the subject matter covered by the white paper.”

However, Xcentric’s use of Pardot extended beyond intelligent sales conversations to email messaging and content distribution. With Pardot, Xcentric’s marketing team could build content campaigns and use them to warm up prospects before even getting sales involved.

“We use a geo-targeting model for selling. Pardot allows us to effectively and simply send out communications to people in a lot of different area codes, so our sales team doesn’t have to waste time sorting through lists,” Keely adds.

Making Business Decisions with Confidence

With Pardot, Xcentric has been able to sell more without increasing the size of their sales team. Using a combination of improved prospect insights, intelligent content distribution, and content targeting, Xcentric’s marketing team is able to enable their sales team to focus on the right leads, at the right time. In fact, sales now relies on marketing for about 50% of their leads.

With a strong foundation of content in place, Xcentric has been able to use Pardot to dramatically improve overall lead quality and volume, leading to an increase in closed business.

“Our leadership team can get real-time insights into our pipeline, closed business, stale opportunities, and more, which gives everyone confidence around decision-making,” explains Roy. “We used to not know the direct impact of our efforts, but now we do!”

In fact, Xcentric has experienced the following results since implementing Pardot:

  • Lead generation via the web is up 50%
  • The sales team is closing 10% of all leads that enter their database
  • The Xcentric team is exceeding pipeline goals by three to four times.

“100% of our everyday sales efforts and marketing decisions are based on Pardot and Salesforce,” finished Keely.

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