Valpak Opens the Neighborhood with Pardot, Engage, and Engagement Studio

"Engagement Studio makes our campaigns simple for everyone to understand, and Engage enables our franchise owners with the tools they need communicate and close deals."
Rochelle Mills, Lead Generation Implementation Manager, Valpak
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Quick Facts
Saw $1,163,060 in retail revenue from marketing automation campaigns
Increased monthly lead generation 2x and website lead conversions by 30%
10% increase in the number of sales appointments set

Valpak is at the heart of communities across North America, helping people save, businesses grow and neighborhoods thrive. Famous for their Blue Envelope of savings, Valpak was founded more than 47 years ago and specializes in direct mail and digital marketing for local businesses, and they are growing with more than 160 local sales offices nationwide.

“Open the Neighborhood.” It’s a common phrase that you might hear from one of the many Valpak employees, and the marketing and sales teams are no different. They strive to help businesses make their customers love them. Creating advertising programs that will accomplish this, and serving up those programs at times that matter the most for growth. It is with this mission in mind, that both marketing and sales are constantly looking to understand their buyers better.

Finding the Right Partner

When the marketing team was challenged with bringing the Valpak B2B advertising website up-to-date, they knew it was the perfect time for a major overhaul to the entire marketing program. The goal was to create a process that was seamless for the end user. A website that would provide Valpak branding, an easy way to educate interested businesses in the value of Valpak as a partner, and a quick and seamless way to pass prospect information to their partners enabling them for the best 1:1 conversations.

Their first goal: fill the sales funnel and nurture the leads to the point of purchase with relevant, timely content. The team used Pardot as the backbone to their new website enabling them to seamlessly generate more leads and place them into an appropriate nurture programs. If a prospect identified as a local grocery in Tampa, Florida, they were able nurture them with stories of other Tampa based businesses who had used Valpak services successfully. Beginning qualification early in the sale and automating the lead pass process has enabled the Valpak marketing team to send over more high quality leads to their partners faster. In the first 90 days alone after the website relaunched, they doubled their monthly lead volume and increased the conversion rate of their prospects to sales leads by 30%.

“Pardot has truly allowed our team to be responsive and targeted with our marketing campaigns. We are able to follow the path to conversion for our prospects, allowing us to understand and ramp up our efforts quickly in the places that matter the most,” said Amber DeBlieck, Director, Marketing Planning and Strategy at Valpak.

Enabling the Franchises with the Power of Marketing Automation

Generating more high quality leads was just the first step in creating the world class marketing program Valpak has today. The corporate marketing team supports a large network of franchise partners, and each local team builds personal relationships in their territory. Knowing that relationships drive business for these partners, the corporate team wanted to enable them with the power of marketing automation. They put Salesforce Engage into the hands of more than 230 of their partners.

“With Salesforce Engage, not only have our email open rates improved overall, but we also have sales partners who have been able to close business now that they have a new avenue of communication,” commented Lauren Honyotski, CRM Manager. “It has been powerful for them.”

In certain markets, the Valpak team has seen a 10% lift in the number of appointments being set. 

The partners are able to add a personal touch to the corporate messaging they use. “Engage has been huge for us as a franchise organization. Both our sales reps and our owners love having the ability to take an approved marketing messaging and add their own personality and knowledge of the customer,” said DeBlieck. “It has not only affected the open and deliverability rates positively, but it has also increased the adoption of both Salesforce and marketing automation by our greater teams.”

Running with Reactivation

Once the franchise partners were enabled and the lead funnel was filling, the team redirected their efforts to focus on the prospects who had shown interest at one point but were no longer active. They were able to very quickly launch a “Reactivation Campaign” with the new Engagement Studio that intelligently brought quiet prospects back into active conversations.

“We have chopped the composition time for a nurture program in half if not more with Engagement Studio, and this is all with the addition of more complexities at our fingertips now,” said Rochelle Mills, Lead Generation Implementation Manager. “And, the visibility and insight that we get with Pardot is a huge win. We can take all of the data and tie it back into both Engagement Studio and the rest of Pardot to create a unique buying experience based on a specific prospect’s previous touch points,” she continued.  

Not only were they able to create and launch engagement campaigns in half the time, but they were also able to easily identify what was working and what wasn’t and pivot the reactivation campaign quickly. “Interpreting what is going on with the campaigns has become infinitely easier. You don’t have to study anymore. Within a few seconds you can look at Engagement Studio and understand at a high level where your campaigns are working, and where your prospects are in the nurture process,” said Honyotski.

To date, they have already sent more than 750 reactivated prospects to the local franchise teams for further conversations.

Finding Ultimate Alignment

The marketing and sales teams are now working in lock step at Valpak. With a full view of their customers and an easy way to share insights in place, the Valpak team has seen more than $1.16-million in retail revenue from their marketing automation campaigns alone.

“Pardot is capturing the customer data that our marketing team wants to see and use, and in turn we are able to present the right assets to our customers easily with Engagement Studio,” said Mills. “What’s more, we can provide the same valuable data in a way that makes sense for an executive or a sales representative. Engagement Studio makes our campaigns simple for everyone to understand, and Engage enables our franchise owners with the tools they need communicate and close deals. This has been an incredible shift in our program.”

The team has truly been able to open up the neighborhood and provide businesses with the advertising programs they need when they need them the most.

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