Truly drives ABM strategy and sales alignment with Pardot

"Our entire marketing approach is focused on ABM. By using Pardot, all our campaigns are focused on life cycle, nurturing leads, and educating leads."
Sam Selldorff
Marketing Lead
About Truly

Industry: High Tech
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Quick Facts
70% of deals influenced by marketing
30% of deals coming through inbound marketing
Saved sales 8-10 hours per week

Truly makes conversation intelligence universally accessible, actionable and secure for companies.

Founded in 2013, Truly is the premier enterprise voice platform for sales, account management, and customer success teams. As a Salesforce customer, Truly selected Pardot because it is the only marketing platform that empowers Sales and Marketing on a singular platform. Since Truly is an enterprise software product that supercharges Salesforce with critical conversation data, it just made sense to use Pardot to do the same thing with marketing data.

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