Ticketmaster uses Pardot to bring marketing efforts to new heights

"Pardot has become the backbone of everything we do. It allows us to truly understand our customers and build deep, meaningful relationships with them."
Brian McKenzie
Vice President of B2B Marketing
About Ticketmaster

Industry: Media
Website: Visit Now

Quick Facts
40% average open rate on personalized marketing emails
Beating industry standard in CTR
15% increase in webinar attendance

Ticketmaster is all about empowering their clients to attract more fans and sell more tickets.

Most people know Ticketmaster as a platform to buy tickets to some of your favorite concerts, sporting events and Broadway shows, but what you might not know is that Ticketmaster has an entire B2B division that markets to venues, festivals, athletics, arts and the list goes on. Using Salesforce for B2B Marketing, they are able to connect businesses with more fans and sell more tickets than ever before.

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