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"In minutes, we can get the right contact titles, from the right regions, in verticals we want to grow, and we get our customized messaging even faster to the right people."
Sherry Prescott-Willis
Director of Marketing
About SST

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Quick Facts
Expanded into new markets using Salesforce to locate, reach, and engage with key contacts
Tailored communications to different verticals with Pardot
Decreased gun violence in cities that have deployed ShotSpotter

SST is the global leader in gunfire detection and location technology providing the most trusted, scalable, and reliable gunfire alert and analysis available today.

SST Reduces Gun Violence with Pardot and

When gun violence occurs on city streets, getting on the scene fast is the top priority of first responders. Unfortunately, fewer than 1 in 5 shooting incidents are actually reported to 9-1-1, which means that gun crime is vastly underreported. That’s why SST developed ShotSpotter, a solution that alerts law enforcement when shots are fired and pinpoints the precise location of the shooting, saving valuable time and improving community safety. SST has deep expertise focused on helping reduce gun violence and creating safer more vibrant communities coping with the epidemic of gun violence.

When SST was looking to expand into new markets — businesses from hospitals to schools and shopping malls — identifying the right people to talk to about this innovative solution was a challenge. That’s where Salesforce came in, helping SST to locate, reach, and engage with the key contacts that would bring their solution into more diverse communities.

It starts with marketing collaborating with sales to determine their needs and the best regions and companies to pursue, and then augments that list with specific contacts. Sherry Prescott-Willis, Director of Marketing at SST, explains how it’s helped them to prospect more effectively:

“With, we don’t have a ton of random data coming in. We now have the ability to deep dive into the right titles, and the right companies. It’s really helped us to focus on the verticals we’re most interested in growing.”

New contacts in hand, Sherry and her team create tailored communications for different verticals, without spending all their time creating new content. “We’re not pumping out a new whitepaper or datasheet every week,” says Prescott-Willis. Instead, “we have a couple of forms we’ve created in Pardot, and we can mix and match our assets based on the needs of each campaign.” They may change out a banner or different visuals to make a message relevant to the specific industry, allowing them to send targeted messages to prospects without having an enormous team.

SST is scaling to meet a big demand, and the infrastructure they’ve put in place will help them keep growing. With the foundational Pardot nurturing emails created, they can easily switch out for fresh new content. They also have a “laser focus on the input of correct data going into Salesforce. We currently have a working program in place to update all our top accounts with the Sales team to ensure contact information is accurate. We have to keep it clean because we use this data to talk to our prospects and customers.” Fortunately for Prescott-Willis and team, that ongoing process isn’t daunting.

SST customers continue to see success — like the City of San Francisco which has seen gun-related violence decrease by 50% since deploying ShotSpotter — and they’ll keep spreading the word to more and more communities. Not everyone can say that they’re making the world a better place, but each time SST reaches a new customer, their community becomes safer, and that’s something they can be proud of.

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