Sika Uses Salesforce to Close Deals Faster

"With Einstein ABM, we can grow our business by delivering the right content to our key customers at the exact right time."
Bill Bellico
VP Inside Sales & Marketing
Sika Corporation
About Sika Corporation

Industry: Manufacturing
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Quick Facts
Nurture leads and track lead scoring to trigger properly timed calls from inside sales
Sales leads from Pardot commonly make up the largest percentage of attendees at events
Alignment between marketing and sales to work as a unified team

A leading supplier of specialty chemical products and industrial materials serving construction and industrial markets.

Sika is a global manufacturing company headquartered in Switzerland. They primarily create construction materials, but also some industrial products. They have a large arm in the automotive industry – most key manufacturers use their adhesive products to lessen the weight of vehicles so that you get better gas mileage.

Business Challenges

  • Driving engagement across prospects–needed to boost sales with independent architects, consultants, and building owners.
  • Bringing together siloed teams and data to create a unified customer experience.

The Salesforce Solution

  • Sika was able to grow their business to $5 billion by knowing exactly what contractors engage with, when to target them, and with what content and information to send via Salesforce Engage.
  • Using Pardot they’ve been able to align sales and marketing teams to predictively target cities that are home to interested contractors with major construction needs.

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