Sightpath Medical Warms Up Cold Leads with Pardot

"Salesforce Engage lets us share our most powerful Pardot templates with Sales so they get the right content to prospective customers at the right time."
Jeff Martin
Director of Content Marketing
Sightpath Medical
About Sightpath Medical

Industry: Health Care & Life Sciences
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Quick Facts
Increase in lead generation by 1050% through email
6 personas developed for our segmented lists
16% increase in page views

Sightpath Medical is the leading U.S. provider of ophthalmic services for cataract and refractive surgery.

More than 250 Sightpath employees serve hundreds of surgeons and facilities in both rural and urban communities across the country. Sighpath has earned their trust through the quality of their equipment, the skill of their technologists and engineers, and the dedication and responsiveness of their staff.

Business Challenges

  • Long sales cycles make it even more important to stay engaged with prospects.
  • Needed to get content in front of cold leads to help keep Sightpath top of mind.
  • No way to partner with Sales on prospecting efforts.

The Salesforce Solution

At Sightpath Medical, we create an “Ellis Island” engagement where our cold leads are dropped into an engagement where they learn the basics of our company. Through setting completion actions on various pieces of content they interact (or don’t interact) with, allows us to add them onto a list to receive further information about our company related to that content. This has helped us to identify leads that may be workable and other leads that may not be.

The coldest leads at Sightpath Medical receive a quarterly newsletter that includes handy industry information, a few interesting milestone and even a little more on our company. Interactions with certain pieces trigger those prospects to be added to a list or contacted in other ways. In 2017, by emailing our cold lead database, we saw that 21% of the leads captured at our biggest tradeshow of the year were classified as cold leads.

We have found that a consistent drip of useful industry information allows our prospective customers the opportunity to engage when the time is right for them. We have also found this keeps prospective customers warm and interested even if our regular sales correspondence has dropped off.

At Sightpath, we need our Sales Team to share our great content messaging in their conversations with their prospects. Salesforce Engage has allowed us to share our most useful Pardot email templates with our Sales Team so they can get that right content to the prospective customer at the right time. The pre-designed and content-ready templates make it easy to quickly deploy emails from a familiar user, straight from Salesforce. Engage Alerts and Reports make is helpful for our Sales Team to see what content was clicked on and what a prospective is really interested in.

The sales cycle at Sightpath Medical can be quite long. Our professional services have to capacity to transform the way Ophthalmologists do surgery, and that can take time. We need to make sure that we have good conversations with our prospects to get it all right and make sure every T is crossed and I is dotted. Sharing useful content at the right time helps potential surgeons see how we can solve a problem for them or make their work easier. By segmenting our prospective customers by service line (6 different segmented personas) and where they fall in our sales funnel helps us ensure that our message is on-point and we are meeting the needs of our customers.

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