Sierra Investment Management Uses Pardot to Align Marketing and Sales

"I’m not even in Marketing but it was fantastic that I could open up Pardot and in 5 minutes I knew how to use it."
Samar Nasiri
Sales Operations Manager
Sierra Investment Management
About Sierra Investment Management

Industry: Financial Services
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Quick Facts
150 hours saved per year automating event RSVPs
Pardot landing pages automatically add event RSVPs to campaigns
Increase in read rates/opens for emails.

Market-leading investment solutions backed by decades of strategic research and analysis.

Sierra Investment Management is a Santa Monica-based investment advisor with a unique investment process that provides risk-management & satisfying returns. Our firm has been helping conservative investors to preserve and grow their wealth since 1987.

Business Challenges

  • Marketing was sending out all this content, but leads would never end up with a wholesaler (the last step in the funnel). Marketing could see the lead opened an email but then there was no coordinated next step or follow through.
  • Biggest challenge in the FINS industry is compliance – making sure communication they’re sending out are compliant with regulations.
  • Sierra Investment Management sells to financial advisors, who get 7-12 calls and 15-30 emails a day from asset managers. They are bombarded by sales organizations. The biggest thing Sierra Investment Management focuses on is to find ways to be different and add value so their messaging stands out.

The Salesforce Solution

  • Moved manual event tracking process into landing pages in Pardot. The marketing department creates a landing page for each event and the people who RSVP are automatically added to campaigns. Because they’re already automatically added to Pardot, it’s easier to just drop them into a nurture campaign as part of a follow-up to an event.
  • Sales teams run special dinners and used to send out 1,000 invites to advisors. Then the internal sales team would run a call-down based on a report they’d pull. Instead now they’ve implemented tasks–once someone RSVP’s for an event, a task is automatically created for sales to follow up.
  • Started using tasks when an advisors score goes over 100. The scoring models based on what a customer engages with. Using out of the box scoring model for now.
  • “One thing we love about Pardot is it’s SO easy for sales to send Engage emails. They look like personal emails and tend to cut through the “typical marketing noise” which helps their content stand out as a result. Sending an Engage email is so easy – we have our outside reps using it too. All our sales reps are using it.”

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