Sequoia Financial Group uses Pardot to Transform Client Relationships

"Better data results and relationship insights are helping us enhance client relationships and grow organically."
Trevor Chuna
Chief Technology Officer
Sequoia Financial Group

Industry: Financial Services
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Quick Facts
$335,000+ savings in the first year
15% increase in email open rate
Have better relationships with clients & provide better services

Sequoia Financial Group is shaking up the traditional, commission-based, financial planning ecosystem.

With an emphasis on helping clients enrich their lives and fulfill their dreams, they make recommendations based solely on what works best for their clients, not them. Most firms say that they offer these types of personalized recommendations, but Sequoia Financial Group incorporates this ideal into their value proposition.

Business Challenges

Before Pardot, Sequoia’s Digital Marketing focused primarily on email. They did targeted email campaigns, event communications, sent out their weekly blog, etc. Yet, there was limited feedback to what was working well and what needed to be adjusted.

They had a built an email platform where they’d just send out emails – it really didn’t do much on the analytical side. It essentially just served as a platform to get communications out to clients. Sequoia pushed content out regularly however they weren’t taking the next step to do reporting, creating landing pages & forms, or gating content. They weren’t really taking a client or prospect through a journey.

  • Multiple technology platforms created disconnected client data.
  • Needed to evolve digital marketing strategy from email blasts to integrated marketing campaigns.
  • Limited insights into who their clients are and marketing campaign effectiveness.

The Salesforce Solution

Now Sequoia provides a better deliverable to their clients and prospects. They can see what makes a client or prospect react and what made them interested. As a result, they have a better understanding of what the lifecycle is for their clients & prospects.

Engagement Studio allows marketing to sit down with advisors and say “what are your goals for pipeline?” From there, Marketing can create 3 or 4 emails to set up & automate over the next 4 months and then dive back into those analytics to see what’s working.

With Pardot, Sequoia has launched their first gated content ever. Being able to track who is viewing their content has allowed them to gain a better understanding of who their clients and prospects are. Now that they have a better understanding of their consumer base, they can tailor content to be personalized for each individual’s unique needs and interests. As a result, they have improved relationships with clients, gotten greater visibility into the client lifecycle, and provide better services overall.

  • One platform with a 360-view of clients that creates a connected, seamless experience.
  • Deliver personalized client journeys to targeted audiences at scale.
  • Detailed analytics around client behavior and marketing campaign ROI.

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