RedTail Solutions Creates an All-in-One Marketing and Selling Tool

"Pardot enabled me to do the marketing that I wanted to do with less effort. I stopped wasting time on system overhead and just got marketing done. It was like adding headcount!"
John Matera
VP of Marketing
About Redtail Solutions

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Quick Facts
Improved marketing team productivity by 50%
Reduced sales cycle 25%
Increased quality and frequency of outbound campaigns, generating more and better prospects

RedTail Solutions, Inc. is a provider of managed services for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Global Data Synchronization (GDS) to mid-sized suppliers in the retail supply chain. These solutions enable consumer products, grocery, hard lines, and medical products companies to enhance their trading partner relationships, optimizing logistics and trade compliance performance.

The Search for a Single Marketing and Sales Ecosystem

Having outgrown their previous marketing automation system, RedTail began the search for a new system that would synchronize easily and effectively with Salesforce CRM. They could not afford to terminate their ongoing marketing campaigns for weeks at a time while they worked on integration, and therefore had their sights set on finding a marketing automation solution with the tightest Salesforce integration possible.

RedTail Solutions chose Pardot, which turned out to be a game-changer for marketing efficiency. “Pardot enabled me to do the marketing that I wanted to do with less effort,” commented John Matera, VP of Marketing at RedTail. “I stopped wasting time on system overhead and just got marketing done. It was like adding headcount!”

The integration between Pardot and Salesforce created a single source of truth for RedTail Solutions, and had an immediate impact on the alignment of their marketing and sales organizations. “I actually got a standing ovation at the annual sales meeting the January after implementation,” Matera shared. “Our sales team is using all of the insight provided by Pardot to help qualify leads. Now, they absolutely depend on Pardot.”

Instead of forcing sales reps to hop between separate applications, real-time alerts provided by Pardot allowed them to click directly into specific lead records, helping them save time and close deals faster. The RedTail team also saw a lot of value in using automated completion actions in Pardot to alert reps whenever prospects took an important action.

“It might be reaching a scoring and grading threshold or a form conversion,” explained Matera. “The important part is that the salesperson is immediately notified so that they can get in first on the opportunity. Our sales cycle is very short, so this is essential.”

“Leads are like french fries,” Matera added. “They’re great when they’re hot, but when they’re cold, they’re worthless.”

Pardot and Salesforce work together to track these marketing and sales touches in one place. When an opportunity is created in Salesforce, all of the touches with that lead are automatically attributed to that opportunity. By running reports on these opportunities and marketing campaigns, RedTail can see what worked and what didn’t, helping them to maximize their efficiency. This insight into campaign performance and overall sales funnel health — all housed within one integrated system — allows them to adjust their content, messaging, and budget in order to see the best results.

Increased Productivity without Increased Headcount

With Pardot and Salesforce, RedTail Solutions was able to use their new, all-in-one inbound and outbound marketing tool to gain market share from their competition — all without interrupting the flow of sales or adding additional headcount. Data integrity improved greatly due to flawless CRM synchronization and the inclusion of native Pardot forms on website conversion and landing pages. In fact, marketing productivity increased by 50% after implementing Pardot.

RedTail Solutions transformed their inbound marketing with real-time monitoring and alerts, while simultaneously increasing the quality and frequency of their outbound campaigns, leading to more and better prospects. With Pardot and Salesforce working in tandem, RedTail’s sales cycle has been reduced by 25%.


After implementing Pardot, RedTail Solutions:

  • Increased quality and frequency of outbound campaigns, generating more and better prospects
  • Improved marketing team productivity by 40%
  • Reduced sales cycle 25%
  • Transformed inbound marketing with real-time monitoring and alerting
  • Provided an all-in-one tool for inbound and outbound marketing activities — a single place to do business.

User Comments

“Pardot handles everything I needed to do, plus a lot of things I wanted to do, but couldn’t with our prior system. I get to concentrate on marketing now, not on systems maintenance. Pardot has the right combination of inbound and outbound marketing functionality all in one place. Activity tracking, alerting and CRM syncing are fast, reliable and bullet-proof. The system is designed and built to implement
easily and to utilize new features the moment they are released. Of all the systems I have ever used, Pardot provides the very best support and the swiftest development cycle for enhancements by a long margin!”

John Matera, VP of Marketing

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