Phononic Orchestrates Engagement with Salesforce ABM

"Pardot is the only solution that gives us the most inclusive metric of account engagement."
Daniel Englebretson
Director of Integrated Marketing
About Phononic

Industry: Manufacturing
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Quick Facts
100% close rate on targeted accounts
30% increase in click rate
Reduced costs by 20% though account-based targeting, engaging 43% of the market

Phononic is a global leader in solid-state cooling and heating technology that’s disrupting industries worldwide with sustainable solutions.

Their technology can be found throughout a wide variety of industries from HLS to Food & Beverage.

Business Challenge

In any high-growth startup scale is key. Daniel was the first marketing technology and demand gen role the company hired. Although they started on Pardot and Sales Cloud from the beginning, the way Phononic approaches Marketing has shifted dramatically.

Daniel shifted the focus of Marketing from quantity of leads to quality. The old high volume lead strategy has turned into a well thought out and organized ABM strategy.

Prior to focusing on ABM, Phononic found that there was often a disconnect between what marketing was delivering to sales and what sales wanted to act on. Life before Pardot was truly life before demand gen. Phononic was very sales heavy and cold call focused. Marketing was a bit sporadic, reactive, and more sales support oriented (ex: sending an email to all the people scanned in a booth at a tradeshow).

Salesforce Solution

Now, Pardot has allowed Phononic to focus on quality vs. quantity of leads. Emails are much more purpose driven, personalized, and targeted to key accounts. Key accounts and the definition of good leads are decided upon with sales prior to Marketing planning out their strategy. As a result, Sales & Marketing are aligned on priorities and communication from the very beginning.

Pardot allows Phononic to spend less time on grunt work and more time on adding value. The main focus is driving meetings for sales that ideally convert into opportunities and closed business. Phononic used to send one email with the same offer to the same company. Now they focus on smaller batch emails and pick role types, craft specific messaging, and relevant imagery for the account that will catch their eye based on persona/emotional/psychological plays.

The biggest benefit of using Pardot, Salesforce, and Terminus has been the ability to use lead scoring reporting. Daniel built a custom workflow that rolls up the aggregate score of all the leads and contacts in an account to give one overall account score. By far, Pardot’s aggregate score has been the most reliable score that allows marketing and sales to take action on the hottest accounts.

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