Octopus HR Decreases the Length of the Sales Cycle by 29% with Pardot

"We now have better reporting and are able to make well-informed decisions on spend, particularly with PPC advertising."
David Richter
Marketing Manager
About Octopus HR

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Quick Facts
Reduced the length of their sales cycle by 29%
Increased their conversion rate from inquiry to signed client by 34%
Re-prioritized spending based on Pardot campaign reporting

Based in Buckinghamshire, UK, Octopus HR provides an online, on-demand HR system that combines all of your core HR, compensation, and employee benefits information in one simple-to-use solution. Through the powerful communication dashboard, it alerts, informs, and connects your employee community together, allowing HR managers, line managers, and employees to interact quickly and effectively — from anywhere.

Understanding the Customer

With their previous email marketing solution, Octopus HR was having trouble catering to the needs of their prospects. Without the ability to segment their database based on various criteria, it was difficult to send the targeted communications needed to make an impact. The Octopus team was also looking for a way to judge the best time to contact their prospects for optimum results.

Pardot provided a solution to these problems and more, while also giving their marketing team of one the ability to report on marketing efforts in a quarter of the time.

Improving Email Targeting and Relevance

Automation quickly became a critical time saver for Octopus HR’s small marketing team. With more time to segment data based on criteria like company size, product interest, and actions taken on their website, Octopus HR was able to improve the relevance of their email communications.

“Because people are automatically added to marketing lists, we can update lists in real time instead of once a week, like we were previously doing. Now, our communications are much more relevant. This is reflected in the improvements in our email open and click-through rates. For example, a critical communication we distribute to prospective clients is for a free trial of our HR system. These emails have seen a 41% increase in open rates and 34% increase in click-through rates since we started using Pardot,” explains David Richter, Marketing Manager.

The team’s use of automation isn’t limited to email. Using Pardot to automate the lead and information pass process to sales, Octopus HR’s sales team has been able to better time their communications with prospects and clients. Access to prospect activity data also helps reps better tailor their conversations to each client, so that they can better address any specific pain points.

Reporting on Success

“We now have better reporting and are able to make well-informed decisions on spend, particularly with PPC advertising,” comments David. “About 16% of all new business that we can now attribute a first touch to PPC would have been attributed to the wrong channel. Without that knowledge, we certainly would have stopped some PPC campaigns that we now know are delivering a positive ROI.”

In addition, Octopus HR has reduced the length of their sales cycle by 29%, and increased their conversion rate from inquiry to signed client by 34% since implementing Pardot.

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