ModularWalls sees 40% YoY Growth with Salesforce

"Scalability is key to any small business, and so when you are investing in technology you have to think about whether it will scale to meet the needs of your business as it grows...We’re invested in Salesforce and it’s empowering us every day."
Nick Holden
Founder and Director of Innovation
About Modular Walls

Industry: Manufacturing
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Quick Facts
40% YoY growth
Increase nurture campaign uptake by 20%+
Measure its KPIs in real-time and provide alerts when these KPIs are not met

ModularWalls is the leading producer of cost-effective acoustic boundary walls and fences.

When Nick Holden, Founder of ModularWalls, was prevented by council from building a brick wall outside of his house, he decided to forge his own path. In 2004, he invented the category of modular walls and built his own which looked like masonry but satisfied council guidelines of not having continuous foundations. Almost immediately, he began taking orders from those who passed by the wall and wanted one for themselves. An appearance on the ABC’s The New Inventors show several months later saw the business truly take off and accelerate faster than Nick could keep pace with.

Today, ModularWalls has 60 employees, a manufacturing base in the UK, and works with a 1,000+ network of trade partners to sell and install its products. It’s set for its next phase of growth after using Salesforce to transform the way it does business internally and with customers and partners.

Starting over with Salesforce

ModularWalls turned to Salesforce seven years ago. Its previous quotation system had become cumbersome and simple actions like adding products to a quote were too time consuming. This issue was compounded by a spike in customer inquiries, making it difficult to stay on top of customer relationships and maintain responsiveness.

Rather than risk missing out on a huge opportunity for growth, the business sought a solution that would allow it to streamline quotes and lead management and allow the sales team to work off the same data in real-time.

“We were still a small business at that point, but we were ready to jump to a mid-size business and looking at the trends around us, it became obvious that we needed to evolve our use of technology and automation,” said Holden. “Salesforce came recommended to us and over time it has become the foundation of everything we do.”

ModularWalls began the transformation and made Salesforce its single source of truth and data capture. “Adoption is a challenge with any technology, but we’ve put a lot of focus on training and refining our processes so that Salesforce helps our employees work more efficiently,” said Kyle Stewart, IT Director. “It now gives us a competitive edge and helps us retain people who are highly skilled and in demand.”

A better experience from end-to-end

ModularWalls is now using Salesforce to drive its processes and guide employees and partners to deliver a seamless customer experience.

It’s adopted Pardot to nurture leads who come in through its website that are not ready to buy. It has created different journeys based on how leads have interacted with assets on the business’ website. This has helped to increase nurture campaign uptake by 20%.

Half of the business’ sales are indirect so when leads are ready to buy, they’re often referred to a trade partner. ModularWalls has set up a partner portal which is directly integrated with Salesforce that allows partners to accept and quote on leads. It then sends automated messages to leads to let them know which of its partners will be in touch and when.

Increasing insights and growth

ModularWalls has grown 40% over the last year and attributes a large part of this to Salesforce. It has not only improved sales and the customer experience, but made it much easier to scale. For instance, Service Cloud allows it to provide efficient support and close cases fast. It also provides ModularWalls a new stream of leads through instant SMS chat that it didn’t have access to previously.

“Scalability is key to any small business, and so when you are investing in technology you have to think about whether it will scale to meet the needs of your business as it grows,” said Holden. “In our minds, Salesforce is like another employee for us, working 24/7 and crunching our data to enable the business to scale while providing a great customer experience.”

Next on the business’ roadmap, in addition to the new partner portal, is using Einstein Analytics to make smart decisions about which opportunities are most valuable and should be pursued. It is already using MapAnything to identify certain hotspots it can target based on past sales and Einstein Analytics will take this type of analysis to the next level.

“We have six TVs on the wall right now displaying real-time performance data that helps us sell smarter and informs our decisions. The use of AI will help us take that further and analyze information on the fly to make even better decisions,” said Stewart.

“We’re in a strong position and don’t need to look for another partner to support our next leap of growth. We’re invested in Salesforce and it’s empowering us every day,” said Holden.

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