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"Over the years, I’ve evaluated, implemented, and used over six different email marketing and marketing automation platforms. We choose Pardot as our primary platform because of their superb customer service. No other marketing automation company comes close."
About Mediacurrent

Industry: Media & Communications
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Quick Facts
Increased number of leads assigned to the sales team by 23% within one year
Grew content conversions 129% year-over-year
Closed on 55% of viable leads

Mediacurrent is a leading provider of Enterprise Drupal implementations. After completing hundreds of custom-built websites for companies like The Weather Channel, NBA, and Habitat for Humanity, they have developed a track record for delivering successful projects.

From content strategy to SEO and analytics, Mediacurrent’s goal is to increase qualified leads to your website. They maintain most marketing automation modules, and can seamlessly integrate your existing CRM platform into Drupal.

Key Client Challenge

Prior to partnering with Pardot, a Company, Mediacurrent had subscribed to an inbound marketing strategy but had no formal process in place for following up with leads in a timely manner. They were also dealing with a fragmented reporting structure and an unfocused content strategy, which didn’t address buyer needs as well as it could.

With Pardot, Mediacurrent was able to begin creating a scalable inbound marketing strategy that cut down on manual processes and increased marketing and sales efficiency.

Pardot Solution

The Mediacurrent marketing team uses inbound marketing to build trust, foster relationships, and drive credibility within the open-source software community. But in order to achieve their long-term goals, Mediacurrent needed to produce and present the right educational resources to the appropriate audiences at exactly the right time.

After defining their buyer personas and auditing their content, Mediacurrent started using lead scoring and grading to help them focus on their most promising leads. Attributes such as title, industry, and revenue contributed to a lead’s grade, while a scoring system was put in place to track and score leads with the greatest interest. Having a defined process in place to qualify leads helped to align Mediacurrent’s sales and marketing teams, leading to more unique opportunities for collaboration.

Mediacurrent also used Pardot’s scoring and grading capabilities for lead assignment. Leads that received a grade of “A” and/or a score of 100 were automatically turned over to sales for follow-up, while leads who didn’t quite meet the 100-point threshold were placed on lead nurturing tracks.

Prospect behavior was then tracked using Pardot’s tracking functionalities, which catalogued the pages that prospects were visiting and gave a clearer indication of their interests, stage in the sales cycle, and the effectiveness of Mediacurrent’s content. This helped their sales team to target their conversations accordingly.

Based on the responses to their content, Mediacurrent began revamping all of the calls to action on their website by offering similar resources that readers might be interested in, leading to a 129% growth in content conversions year over year.

They also began combining Salesforce reports, Google Analytics, data from custom redirects, and Pardot’s Lifecycle reporting to pull numbers on lead generation, cost per lead, and sales follow-up activity — giving them hard data that could speak to the success of their inbound marketing strategy.


Within twelve months of implementing Pardot, Mediacurrent saw the following results:

  • 53% increase in organic search traffic, which meant more white paper and eBook downloads
  • 40% increase in regular e-mail subscribers
  • 23% increase in leads assigned to the sales team
  • 129% year-over-year growth in content conversions
  • Closed on 55% of viable leads

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