Intelex uses Pardot to Drive Adoption and Visibility

"Pardot powers all our email marketing, lead routing, and nurture campaigns."
J.P. Nadeau
Senior Manager Demand Generation
About Intelex

Industry: High Tech
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Quick Facts
20% increase in MQLs
Gained visibility into ROI and can prioritize channels
Created more leads, and better leads, for sales

The world’s leading Environmental, Health & Safety, and Quality (EHSQ) Management Software.

Intelex cloud-based software manages environment, health & safety, quality and suppliers for regulatory compliance, and streamlines ISO initiatives. Today, Intelex is a global leader in the development of EHS and quality software, the oldest independent vendor of EHS and quality software in North America and one of Canada’s largest software companies.

The Salesforce Solution

  • “We leverage scoring and grading to identify a prospects engagement level and stage of the buyers journey along with how good of a fit they are for us. This data is then leveraged to deliver a personalized experience from both marketing (nurturing) and sales (phone/email follow up).”
  • Intelex can now easily create landing pages and the related URLs. They use Pardot for all their email marketing and leverage Engagement Studio to help with lead routing and nurture campaigns.
  • They’re able to prioritize lead routing using Pardot. Intelex has a core set of countries they want to do business with that meet MQL criteria. The countries outside of this area are still important but not quite as important. They use Engagement Studio to give them a steady drip of emails that’s a customized nurture program and gives prospects an extra touch point when they engage and then the sales teams will step in and engage 1:1.

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