InsideView Migrates to Pardot and Sees Value in 60 Days

"The move seemed daunting and risky at the outset, but that couldn’t have been further from reality. We felt in very good hands with Pardot and the performance we’re seeing daily proves it was worth it."
Tracy Eiler

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Quick Facts
50% time savings when building campaigns
75% reduction in campaign web pages
Made a switch that generated zero complaints and created value in 60 days

InsideView helps B2B companies accelerate growth through what they term Targeting Intelligence

Using proprietary data aggregation technologies, along with artificial intelligence, their products identify new market opportunities and give sales and marketing the data, insights, and connections to know who to target, when to reach out, and how to engage. And, they keep sales and marketing data clean, accurate, and up-to-date so every effort hits the mark.

Business Challenges

InsideView helps sales and marketing teams better target and engage with opportunities. They’ve built their reputation on providing the most accurate market targeting data and insights, and they have one of the industry’s most progressive CMOs leading the charge to grow and expand their own markets. That means their marketing team is constantly pushing the envelope with new tactics and techniques.

But even with a cutting-edge approach to marketing, InsideView was bogged down with a marketing automation platform that was cumbersome, complex, and frustrating to use. The platform itself lacked innovative and modern usability features, adding unwelcome complexity to even the most trivial tasks. And a cumbersome Salesforce integration resulted in slow data synchronizations and occasional hiccups, causing problems for both demand generation and marketing operations. Adding to the frustration, the platform’s frequent outages made it unreliable and the vendor assigned a new account rep almost quarterly.

See How InsideView Switched to Pardot and Saw Value in 60 Days?

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The Salesforce Solution

With Pardot, marketing can build entire campaigns, from scratch, in less than half the time it previously required—and that’s not counting the additional hours saved by marketing operations. Using Pardot’s Engagement Studio, and the visual, easy to navigate interface, they can bring sales into the process and walk them through a campaign.

In the past, they would have to recreate a campaign’s flow in a presentation so it was easy to visualize. Now, marketing can easily just show the highlights of every campaign without ever leaving Pardot.

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