VMware sees 641% ROI with Salesforce

VMware software forms a digital foundation that powers the apps, services and experiences that are transforming the world. Vmware launched in 1998, transforming data centers through virtualization. Today, they continue to be a global leader in cloud infrastructure. Providing their customers with increased agility in building their IT environments, VMware has a wide range of…

RL Solutions Delivers Full Lead to Cash with Pardot

RL Solutions provides software for safer healthcare. RL Solutions is a healthcare software company that developed software to be used in hospitals, clinics, etc. to look at trends (risks, wrongful medication, preventing infections, etc.) and is trusted by the world’s leading healthcare organizations, including 9 of the top 10 hospitals in the United States.

Amazon Leverages the Power of Pardot to Nurture Sellers

50% of all items sold on Amazon are sold by 3rd party sellers and this makes up the Amazon Marketplace. In 2017, Amazon Marketplace had 300M+ active customer accounts in 180+ countries and this demand helped grow the Amazon Marketplace team to 600K+ strong.

Digital Realty Trust sees 70% increase in new leads with Pardot

Digital Realty is the world’s largest full scale data center provider offering colocation, wholesale deployments, interconnection and cloud services. Digital Realty built the global standard for technical real estate, developing a unique capability to acquire, manage, and scale data center campuses. Now, Digital Realty is building a unique ecosystem of open solutions that power customer…

Veda increases lead gen and pipeline by 6x with Pardot

Veda is a German company providing HR Software that been around for 40 years. VEDA GmbH is a leading provider of business solutions in Human Resources, Finance & Accounting and IT. From consulting and innovative software applications to optimal infrastructure concepts and outsourcing VEDA offers a holistic approach that is based on customer processes.

Truly drives ABM strategy and sales alignment with Pardot

Truly makes conversation intelligence universally accessible, actionable and secure for companies. Founded in 2013, Truly is the premier enterprise voice platform for sales, account management, and customer success teams. As a Salesforce customer, Truly selected Pardot because it is the only marketing platform that empowers Sales and Marketing on a singular platform. Since Truly is…

Xirrus Creates Seamless Conversations with Pardot and Sales Cloud

Xirrus Wi Fi is a leading provider of high-performance wireless networks that function under the most demanding circumstances offering a consistent “wired-like” performance with superior coverage and security. Providing uninterrupted connectivity and unified management across a wireless network to customers of all shapes and sizes, Xirrus customers can operate business-critical applications across the globe without…