Formuesforvaltning Empowers Advisors with Marketing Insights & Qualified Leads

"Salesforce allowed us to move from silos to one connected platform. Now we have all our CRM data accessible in Pardot."
Carl Sjöström

Industry: Financial Services
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Quick Facts
250% increase in conversion rates
130% increase in inbound marketing effectiveness and reach
100% increase in digital requests

Formuesforvaltning is a Scandinavian wealth management firm started in 2000.

They’ve grown to $10B in assets under management for their clients. The company does investment strategy, portfolio management, legal services, and business services. They are based in Norway, Sweden, and London with 20 local branches. Clients include high-networth-individuals, families, investment companies and endowments.

Business Challenges

  • Their business was siloed and had trouble getting a 360 degree view of the customer.
  • They wanted to expand from a boutique manager to a lead brand in the wealth management.
  • They were looking to become more data driven while also lowering the threshold for customers to get in contact with them. Before Pardot, it was pretty difficult for customers to raise their hand to let Formuesforvaltning know they were interested.

The Salesforce Solution

After implementing Pardot, Formuesforvaltning was able to quickly and easily:

  • Automate lead capture and handoff, only passing qualified leads to advisor team.
  • Engage with prospects at the moment of interest.
  • Personalize client conversations and digital engagements based on marketing insights.
  • Understand marketing insights from first click to becoming a client.

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