Elegran realizes $800m in gross sales with Pardot

"Leveraging Pardot has opened up new channels of revenue, built business intelligence and automated much of the redundancy of my sales teams’ day to day activities."
Tigh Loughhead
Marketing Director
About Elegran

Industry: Construction & Real Estate
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Quick Facts
Results:$800m in gross sales over over the past two years
7x increase in productivity per agent
Task automation to increase productivity of sales and marketing

Elegran is a rapidly-growing luxury brokerage firm specializing in residential real estate in Manhattan.

The firm was founded with the goal of leveraging marketing and technology to change the industry, and develop agents into the leaders of NYC luxury real estate. Over the past decade, Elegran has built a reputation for providing superior service to clients, unparalleled support to agents and achieving a compound annual growth rate in excess of 35% over the past 5 years.

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