Deloitte Drives Marketing Influenced Revenue with Salesforce

"With Pardot, we don’t have to worry about our marketing technology. Instead my team can focus on creating and driving business."
Per Trave Phillipsen
Head of Digital
Deloitte Denmark

Industry: Professional Services
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Quick Facts
400% increase in active users.
Shifted focus on quality over quantity leads.
Ability to report back to leadership on the percent of revenue that marketing influences.

Deloitte Denmark focuses on delivering the positive impact of digital technology to their client’s business.

They’re proven and trusted to do this at scale, in partnership with the biggest businesses and brands in the world today. Client and Markets in Deloitte Denmark is divided into 3 areas: Marketing, Sales, and Pursuit which is the strategic department running acquisitions of new clients.

Business Challenge

Prior to Pardot, Deloitte Denmark faced a few key challenges:

  • Lack of visibility with sales: marketing communicated to sales and leadership about the programs they were running but sales couldn’t see it themselves which caused a lack of transparency.
  • Lack of support.
  • Syncing issues between Salesforce & their legacy provider. Because of the syncing issues events were run by tracking lead data in Excel.

Deloitte Denmark drives a large volume of digital activities a year and needed a platform to truly connect marketing the various digital activities. Deloitte uses Salesforce for their Global CRM system of record so they began to look into marketing automation that would live on the same seamless platform.

Salesforce Solution

A year ago, Deloitte Denmark moved to Pardot. They’ve built different lead queues for sales and developed processes around this system. Deloitte has started to build out their ABM strategy with their first campaign launching in August 2019. To organize this campaign they’ve pulled together a lot of research on their key accounts and have an entire team in Deloitte looking into ABM best practices from other groups at the company who have seen success with ABM.

Deloitte has been able to build different lead queues for sales with a clear follow-up process outlined. Every week sales can report on activities and contacts added into Salesforce, including seeing how priority clients are being engaged with. They can track which clients are churning, which may be a good fit to engage for upsell & cross sell opportunities.

The single greatest thing Pardot has provided is the ability to report on Marketing Influenced Revenue. This has been key in reporting back to the Deloitte executive team.

Key Benefits

More qualified leads to the sales department
The previous automation solution didn’t connect marketing and sales, making it difficult to create and track value. After synchronizing Pardot to Sales cloud they started building and defining lead scoring and grading for new accounts in collaboration with sales. Increased efforts and quality in the lead generation funnel gained traction quickly, with lead queues securing +400 new contacts within strategic prioritized accounts within the first 6 months. This more data-oriented approach has fed into their ongoing evaluation to uphold quality, by using nurture flows to push visitors to sales qualified leads and new customers.

Stronger client focus
Today, Deloitte Marketing’s digital function works with +100 events, different newsletters and a lot of global and local content. When operating in this field then technology must work and connect all activities. Pardot does this by connecting marketing efforts across channels (events, newsletters, content) and provides them with a stronger holistic customer view and influenced revenue on all activities. The latter of which helps prioritize their efforts to maximize business impact.

Time to market and execution
By planning a large number of events throughout a whole year and combining their different business units’ messages with strong partnerships, they ensure a much higher impact – and a clear, confident approach. Externally, the use of Pardot helps their events grow with better customer interactions and more insights for evaluation. The Digital department has started onboarding more people into Pardot, and has seen a 400% increase in users using Pardot vs. th. Furthermore, the business owners are now much closer to campaign performance, so everyone can make faster decisions.


  • In the first 2 months of using Pardot – Deloitte was able to identify 200 new contacts in key accounts and more opportunities in Salesforce.
  • Shifted focus on quality over quantity leads.
  • Ability to report back to leadership on the percent of revenue that marketing influences.
  • Event process runs much smoother since using Pardot. The event teams themselves are being onboarded onto Pardot.
  • Pardot is freeing up time for their Marketing teams to think about the actual campaign strategy rather that the execution.
  • 400% increase in users using Pardot vs. legacy platform.

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