Criterion Conferences Connects Sales and Marketing to Power 25% Growth

"Salesforce has helped bring sales and marketing together to deliver better customer outcomes and increase revenue from delegates by 25% YoY."
Andrew Savage
Co-Managing Director
Criterion Conferences
About Criterion Conferences

Industry: Professional Services
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Quick Facts
25% YoY increase in revenue
4x campaign ROI
86% reduction in cost per lead

Starting out in 2009, Criterion Conferences has grown to a team of 70+ employees and hosts dozens of conferences each year right across Australia.

Criterion has partnered with Salesforce to build on this advantage by attracting even more delegates to its conferences and engaging with them more effectively throughout the customer journey. The company has now aligned sales and marketing on a single platform and transformed internal collaboration, enabling it to increase conference registrations and revenue.

Business Challenges

  • Unify sales and marketing which were competing for revenue and missing out on the benefits of collaboration
  • Consolidate the disparate systems used for sales and marketing to achieve a single customer view
  • Speed up sales cycle to keep pace with production of new events

Salesforce Solution

  • Transformed collaboration by bringing sales and marketing onto the Salesforce platform
  • Improved prioritisation and nurturing of leads with Pardot and simplified handoff from marketing to sales
  • Empowered reps with insights from Sales Cloud to sell smarter and have more contextual conversations


  • Sales and marketing are now completely aligned and working collaboratively to win more customers and keep them engaged
  • Criterion’s cost per lead has been reduced from $300 to $40, and it is experiencing 4x ROI on campaigns
  • Revenue from delegates has increased 25% YOY, attributed largely to improved alignment between sales and marketing