Chewse Uses Pardot to Automate and Scale Personalization

"Moving to an inbound organization becomes easier and faster now that I found a platform that allows me to scale automation."
Brit Booth
Head of Marketing

Industry: High Tech
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Quick Facts
With Pardot, 70% of revenue comes from inbound leads
1500% increase in inbound leads
3x increase in lead to win rate

Chewse plans and delivers family-style office catering from the best local restaurants.

Chewse caters delicious meals from hand-picked local restaurants, then delivers them automatically in a way that fits with your office’s busy schedule. Your Meal Host handles delivery, and keeps you informed every step of the way. Chewse believes that the happiest teams eat like family. They’re not just catering a fantastic meal; they help you create authentic connections.

Business Challenge

The marketing team at Chewse was largely an independent contributor role lacking an overall strategy. They needed to transform from being reactive to a proactive strategy to create more qualified, inbound leads. Chewse is a high-growth company and realized that their marketing technology needed to match the fast pace and scale of their business. They also found that they needed to develop a process across all marketing channels and functions to align around growth.

Salesforce Solution

With the help of Salesforce, Chewse was able to turn their marketing team into an inbound organization. Before they were an outbound focused organization with only 3% of leads coming from inbound channels. Now, 50% of leads are inbound and the marketing team has focused heavily on driving customer engagement through digital channels. With Pardot they are able to automate personalized experiences and journeys for every customer–without having to manually pull strings behind the curtain to make it happen.

With powerful analytics they are able to communicate the value of inbound and marketing campaigns that are easy to reference. The team has been able to highlight results to executive leadership with ease, which allows the business as a whole to make more efficient and smarter decisions.

The Chewse team has their eyes on a few specific metrics around conversions: MQLs, SQLs, and won business. With Pardot they have been able to establish a baseline and see their conversion rates increase through the power of the platform. The sales team is also a key beneficiary of these new insights. With automated lead scoring the sales team is able to prioritize to connect with the right leads at the right time.

With Pardot in place Chewse has seen huge growth coming from marketing with 70% of revenue coming from inbound leads and a 3x increase in lead to win rate.