This summer, we’re inviting all of our B2B Marketing Trailblazers to destination Account-Based Marketing. Right now, ABM is one of the hottest topics in B2B marketing. Thanks to emerging technology, it’s more powerful than ever before, and it’s changing the way we connect with our customers. So this summer, grab your gear and join us for Camp ABM, a series of four webinars that will help you explore the best practices, tools and tips for creating an account-based marketing strategy for your business.

Introducing Einstein ABM: Bringing AI to Connected Sales & Marketing

Speaker: Meredith Brown | Senior Director, Product Management | Salesforce

Marketing is getting smarter. With the increasing complexity of buyer needs, learning how to truly engage with prospects is vital. Aligning marketing and sales around the same central goals and focusing your marketing on targeted accounts are the keys to creating an impactful strategy. Introducing Einstein Account-Based Marketing: a complete ABM solution powered by AI and built on the world’s most intelligent CRM. Join Meredith Brown, Senior Director, Product Management at Salesforce as she takes us through the power of account-based marketing with Einstein.

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Putting ABM into Play: Implementing Marketing Automation In Your ABM Strategy

Speaker: Tyler Shada | Managing Director | Slalom Consulting

Account-Based Marketing has three parts: strategy, tools, and processes. In order to leverage a successful ABM strategy, you need all three. Marketing automation is one of the tools that can help you unite your sales and marketing teams and streamline your lead generation and lead management process. Join Tyler Shada, Managing Director at Slalom Consulting as he demonstrates how Pardot helped their team build a successful account-based marketing strategy.

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The Renaissance of ABM: Refreshing the Customer Experience with AI

Speaker: Tiffani Bova | Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist | Salesforce

Customer experience is critical to a company's brand and, ultimately, its bottom line. With buyers choosing when and how they move through the buying cycle, it's more important than ever to focus on meeting and exceeding their needs at each stage. Enter AI and Account-Based Marketing. While still an emerging technology, AI is already giving marketers the power to stay one step ahead of their customers while implementing highly targeted strategies, like ABM, to guide them into the sales funnel. Join Tiffani Bova, Global Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce as she takes us through how implementing both AI and ABM can revolutionize customer experience.

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The 5 Elements of Account-Based Marketing Success

Speaker: Cindy Zhou | VP and Principal Analyst | Constellation Research

B2B Marketers are creating buzz around Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and its potential as a growth strategy. They are seeking out information that will help them distinguish fact from fiction and how to achieve results. With so much information, it's sometimes a little difficult to learn exactly what ABM strategies have seen significant results. Ultimately, knowing the industry standard and learning how your results measure up is imperative. Join Cindy Zhou, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research as she discusses the incredible popularity of account-based marketing, how ABM can be a powerful driver of growth, and the importance of sales alignment for success.

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