Your Essential Landing Page Checklist

Landing pages are tricky; there’s no doubt about that. And unfortunately, there’s no set formula to help you get it right. But does that mean you should lose hope? Of course not!

While there may not be a simple mathematical equation that will ensure your landing pages are successful, there are several steps you can take to optimize for conversions and encourage your users to stay on your site — even after they’ve handed over their information. Remember, the goal of today’s landing pages is no longer to gather data from your users and then leave them stranded on your site. You should be using your landing pages as launch pads to drive consumers deeper into your site, fostering greater engagement and funneling them toward other useful pieces of content.

Use the checklist below as a reference to help you build your next landing page. You can download the full Landing Page Handbook for additional tips on content organization, call to action creation, helpful worksheets, and more!


Want more tip sheets and worksheets? Stay organized with the complete Landing Pages Handbook, downloadable here.
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