Yes, You Can — And Should — Generate Leads With Video

These days it seems like countless organizations and marketers understand that video is one of the best ways to generate interest in their brand. You’re likely one of them. You know from all of your marketing research that YouTube is the second largest search engine, and you know, likely from personal experience, why video is engaging. It’s relatable, and it’s entertaining. That’s why 80% of website visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will read content.

But video can generate so much more than brand buzz. As I mentioned in my previous post, enjoyment of a video can increase a prospect’s purchase intent by 97%. There are real leads watching your videos. 

How do I convert an unknown viewer into a qualified lead?

If you don’t include video in your marketing strategy, it may be because you are aware that simply counting the number of views is not the same as counting real leads. If you do use video in your strategy but you’re unsure how to identify your viewers, convert them into leads, or measure its impact on your marketing goals, breathe easy. Here’s what you can do: 

Make your video part of a gated community.

You’ve got an amazing product and a killer brand. You can make people not only want to know more, but ask to know more. That is the purpose of an email gate. Place a gate on high-value video content to prompt viewers for their contact information before watching. This way, you’re not just measuring the number of views your video received, you’re finding out who watched it. You can place an email gate at the beginning of your video, or tease the viewer with an amazing introduction and then prompt for their email to watch the rest.

With a video marketing platform integrated with your marketing automation platform (MAP) and CRM systems, you can even track each contact’s specific viewing behavior, including how much they watched, which parts, and how many times. The best part about this integration is that it doesn’t apply only to one video, but for every video they watch across your website, landing pages, email campaigns, and social media channels (thank you, cookies).

It only gets better from there. Once you have this contact information, you can send more marketing or sales content that is tailored specifically to their behavior. They’re interested in Product A? Make sure to send them a follow-up about its fantastic price, rather than more campaign content on Products B and C. Your lead will feel like you’re listening to their needs and providing the content that they actually want and need.

Just keep in mind, email gates should be used, not abused. Don’t tack one onto all of your top-of-the-funnel promotional campaign material, or no one will bother watching. Save this lead-generating tool for mid-funnel video content, when viewers’ purchase interests are already piqued.

If your video fades to black, so might your viewers’ interest.

Don’t make the mistake of going through all the hard work of creating an engaging video, only to have it finish by going to black. Viewers have watched the whole thing and they’re hooked; now’s your chance to convert them!

A Call-to-action (CTA) can show up during or at the end of your video, as an overlay or slide-out. A CTA can prompt viewers to take that next step, like visiting your customer testimonials page, or checking out an associated article in your blog. Or, if you have a video marketing platform, your CTA can prompt viewers to fill out a MAP- or CRM-integrated data collection form for things like requesting a product demo or downloading an e-book.

Because you can link to other content, CTAs are a great way to encourage the prospects on your site to look at other, relevant content that interests them. If they’re watching from a site like YouTube, a CTA will keep your viewers’ focus on you rather than on all those distracting videos along the side.

Unlike an email gate, you can use a Call-to-action on video content at any funnel stage. People can watch your content and then decide how interested they are, which helps you determine how qualified the lead truly is. A CTA also has the benefit of encouraging your viewers to act in the moment when they are most excited about what they’ve just seen. That means they’re less likely to forget or move on to something else and become a missed opportunity.

As with email gates, just remember to use CTAs wisely: your viewers’ annoyance will likely increase with the number of fields they are required to complete. 

Email gates and CTAs: The gifts that keep on giving.

The benefits of email gates and CTAs don’t stop there. When a marketer’s dream is to have content shared and shared and shared, embedded email gates and CTAs can travel with your video. That means no matter where your video is embedded, whether on blogging sites or anywhere else, these lead generators keep on doing what they do: finding you awesome leads.

Don’t worry about annoying and driving away potential leads with gate after gate and CTA form after CTA form. Once integrated into your MAP, viewers won’t be asked to enter contact information again. They’ll be free to keep watching, and you’ll be able to keep tracking them. Win-win.

Want some proof?

At Vidyard, we tested the effectiveness of a CTA on our own homepage video. Not surprisingly, we found that viewers who clicked on the CTA were three times more likely to create a trial account of our platform.

Are you breathing a sigh of relief? Now you know that it is possible (and even easy!) to identify your video viewers, track their viewing activities within your MAP and CRM, and personalize follow-up content for the sell. Try it for yourselves, and see how it’s as easy as:

Identify. Integrate. Personalize. Sell. Repeat.

To learn more about how to generate leads using video, check out Vidyard. We’ve got a platform that will wow you, and even more useful info on our blog.

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