The Worst Word Ever: Burying the Email “Blast” & Building New Relationships (Part 2)

At this point, if you’ve read part one of my “worst word” series, you should shudder every time you see the word blast as it relates to email. Email blast! Email blast!

Now that we’ve killed that word as it relates to email, where do we go from here? How do you think of your email sends now? (If you aren’t ready to give up on the word “blast” just yet, try mixing it up with a new catastrophe. Why not call it an email tornado, email avalanche, or email dragon swarm?)

In a world where your relationship with your client means everything, let’s look at a few better options for what you can call your emails.

Alternative One: Email

Just call it an email. That’s simple, gets the point across, and doesn’t imply anything as offensive as beating your prospects about the head and shoulders with your marketing. You’re just sending them an email about your product. That’s easy enough!

Alternative Two: List Email

What about calling it a list email? It makes more sense to call it just what it is and be straightforward about it. It’s a list of clients you’ve carefully segmented out of your database to market to. ISPs are paying significantly more attention to a prospect’s interaction with emails, so it’s more important than ever to make sure your lists are segmented and appropriately targeted. Let’s give your prospects the respect they deserve by properly targeting your personalized messages.

Alternative Three: Communication

Even better, how about using the word communicate? It could be something like “I’d like to send out this email to effectively communicate with my prospects,” which sounds significantly more peaceful and friendly. It makes it look like you care about actually opening a dialogue with your prospects, instead of hammering them with your marketing messages.

Why call everything by the same name? If the entire point of your marketing is to be more personalized, call your emails something different. Differentiate a newsletter from a promotional email from a win-back email. Make your email sends as diverse as the prospects you’re sending those emails out to!

Tweet to me @holobachgirl with what word you’re using instead of blast! Let’s #burytheblast once and for all.