Words to Avoid in an E-mail Campaign

It seems that everyday, more and more words are being added to the list of spammy words. If for some reason you have been lucky enough to avoid it until now, it is time for you to learn what to avoid because unfortunately it will happen to most of us someday. The most important things to remember when sending e-mails are:

  • Don’t talk about saving money and avoid the word “free” (as in free trial, offer, test, quote… just about anything!)
  • Don’t include huge pictures and crazy coloring of fonts

Another formatting tip to keep in mind is to be careful when transferring a document directly from Microsoft Word; this can cause sloppy HTML which might land you in the junk folder.

There is a long list of words that may trigger spam filters, so I thought I would give you a list of some that are more surprising:

  • Click Here
  • Opportunity
  • All new
  • Guarantee
  • Subscribe
  • Profits

If you are looking for even more insight, check out this great list from Web Marketing Today. It may be impossible to refrain from using these words, so if you need to try to only use it once in an e-mail. Not all of your e-mails will get caught in the spam filters, but it’s better safe than sorry! Remember, it’s always best to test your emails by sending them to yourself before you send them to others.

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