Why Don’t Your Email Subscribers Love You?

Difficult times are sometimes part of relationships, and along with that difficulty comes the usual cliches (and potential for breakups). Today, we’ll be continuing our email relationship series [if you missed part one, check it out here] with some of my favorite “this really isn’t working out” lines, and how those relate to your email program.

“I just don’t feel that spark… and I never really did.”

This line is a major mood killer, and it comes up especially often if a prospect never had a solid relationship with you to begin with. What do we mean by that? Well, bad list acquisition, such as using purchased lists to increase your database size, leads to email recipients who are more than a little turned off by your advances. They didn’t feel that spark in the relationship because they never really asked to be on your mailing lists. If you want to have a shot at love, it’s important to make sure you are only emailing to prospects who are actively interested in receiving your email, and have told you they are actively interested. A purchased list is a dead list, and your relationship with your prospects is doomed to suffer.

“I need some space.”

A relationship is exciting! You want to immediately jump in and have a joint calendar, maybe some cute relationship hashtags, take personality surveys together, get matching tattoos… but slow down there (especially on the tattoos!)! That excitement is great, but before you start asking your prospects to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, and fill out every form, you need to offer them some kind of value. If I “like” your Facebook page, will I get exclusive discounts, or are you just going to post constantly about how great your product is? What’s the value you’re providing me? Why should I stick with you, and where’s the line between just enough content and being smothered? It’s important to use the data you have to find exactly what you can offer your prospects and the perfect frequency for reaching out to keep that relationship alive and well, without smothering your prospects in too much product information.

“Let’s just be friends.”

There are three possible outcomes to a relationship: you stay together, you break up and never speak again, or you have some sort of friendship. Offering an email preference center rather than just an unsubscribe link, goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. An email preference center is a great way to stay friends and stay in touch on a more casual level. You never know, maybe some day you’ll get another chance at true love.

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be, and it may not be your fault at all. Maybe their interests changed, maybe they abandoned that email account, maybe they’re just not invested enough to click unsubscribe. If that happens, you can remove them from your list and cut them from your life. Your overall engagement will be better off for it! It’s okay to break up with your unengaged subscribers and give up on the prospects that just don’t love you anymore. We know it’s hard to say goodbye. We’re here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Do you have a favorite or go-to “this isn’t really working” line, or have you been told a particularly bad one? Keep the conversation going over at Twitter @holobachgirl.

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