Where Content Marketing and Lead Nurturing Meet

Content marketing has exploded in the past year, and B2B companies are beginning to understand the importance of drip nurturing programs like never before. Where the two marketing tactics meet is an area worth consideration. Different content is appropriate at different stages in the nurturing process, and it’s important that you, as the marketer, are providing your prospects with the information that will be most helpful to them at each stage in the buying process.

So how do you know what to send, and when?

Our friends at BrainRider broke the lead nurturing process down into three basic stages and put together some ideas for appropriate content at each stage. Based on their recommendations, we’ve compiled this information into a simple infographic for your convenience:

Stage One: Your prospect has yet to realize his or her need at this stage, so it’s important to keep things general. If you received an ad for a realtor, but you weren’t looking to buy a new house, would you check it out just to be safe? Probably not – it would seem like a waste of your time. Similarly, before you can explain to a prospect why your product is needed, you have to prove that you understand their industry and their needs. Sending prospects generalized industry studies, articles and blog posts shows them that providing valuable and relevant information is a higher priority than a hard-sell.

Stage Two: At this point, you have earned your prospects’ trust by showing them that you understand their position and their needs, so it’s time to get a little more specific. Avoid being brand-specific (you’re still resisting the hard-sell), but begin to show how your product can remedy said needs with educational videos, product-specific blog posts and case studies from experts in the field.

Stage Three: Your prospect now understands the problem they’re facing and how your product can help– it’s time to show them why your brand is the best in the business. Provide them with valuable content that will help them in the decision-making process, such as buyer guides, demo videos and success kits, and let your product speak for itself through customer testimonials and reviews.

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