What’s So Great About Pardot?

There are lots of different marketing automation solutions out there. How did our current clients decide to go with Pardot? What made our product stand out from the rest? Here’s why our customers think we’re exceptional:

  • Pardot is easy to use. Our user interface is straightforward and streamlined, not bloated with unnecessary bells and whistles that drag down performance. You don’t need an IT person to operate it, and you don’t even really have to be that tech-savvy yourself to get great results. Ease of use is the primary consideration that has most shaped our development, and we’ve designed everything with our customers’ needs in mind.
  • Pardot is fast. Because it was originally built as an enterprise solution, Pardot runs significantly faster than similar applications, both on the back end and the front end. Our user interface responds quickly and smoothly and doesn’t get hung up on complex tasks; forms and landing pages load quickly so visitors to your website don’t have to wait.
  • Pardot offers full functionality. Our product is robust and provides all the features you need to deploy sophisticated campaigns, but without the hype and intimidating price tag. Because we’ve reached profitablilty through organic growth, we’re more forward-thinking as a company, and our flexibility is evident in our innovative offerings. Our product is unique in supporting multiple CRMs, and we provide customers with free add-ons like LeadDeck and our iPhone app, Pardot Mobile. Our ongoing product development is primarily driven by customer input and feedback from our Idea Exchange.
  • Pardot is cost-effective. We were recently ranked #1 in total cost of ownership by Forrester Research. Not only are we the most cost-effective choice out there, but we also have common-sense pricing that allows you unlimited users.
  • Pardot offers stellar services and support. This is one of the main reasons we’re able to maintain such high rates of customer satisfaction. Our services and support team is well-trained and knowledgeable and will go the extra mile to help you make the most of Pardot. Our services team will guide you through implementation, reinforcing best practices to make sure your outcome is exactly as you envision it. Our support engineers review issues the same day they are reported, and respond quickly to assist clients. Plus, we’re really nice people all around. Just ask our clients.

Our customers are a smart bunch. They did their research, and they chose Pardot over other options because Pardot best fit their needs. But they also like us because we’re not quite like the other guys, and because we truly stand by our Brand Promise. This is what makes Pardot a one-of-a-kind choice among marketing automation solutions.