Welcome to Summer Camp: Your How-To Marketing Content Series


Remember summers as a kid?

Long days in the sun, exploring the outdoors with your friends, learning from your camp counselors, and falling into bed at night excited to get up the next morning and show off some of your newfound skills—wouldn’t it be nice if the real world accommodated summer camp?

Ok, so we can’t promise archery, hiking, or arts and crafts, but we do hope to harness some of that same fun learning style in our summer camp content series. We’ll be bringing in some of the most trusted experts we know to directly answer questions that plague marketers every day, and deliver hands-on advice and prescriptive tips for improving your business.

You may not end up with a sun tan and wilderness skills, but you will come away with newfound expertise and insights into topics like:

  • how to create a lead nurturing campaign that helps with customer retention
  • how to optimize your landing pages and forms for conversions
  • how to build a best-in-class email—and make sure it always reaches its target.

We’ll even share insider tips on how we use our own product to accomplish the goals above!

What do you want to learn how to do first?

We really want this to be as hands-on and interactive as possible, so let us know what you’d like to learn about first! Are you just getting started with marketing automation or are you tweaking your approach for optimization? Our experts will be catering to a variety of topics and experience levels, but the more you speak up, the more we can cater to your content needs!

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Can’t wait to get started?

We understand, and we have good news: there’s already a lot of great how-to resources on our blog that draw on our own experiences with marketing automation. Go ahead and get your feet wet!




Stay tuned as we kick off the series with our first interview this Thursday! Bonus: we’ll throw in some now-and-then pictures of our experts from summers past (you can see me practicing my wilderness skills in some impressive pink boots below).

Welcome to summer camp and we’ll see you again soon!



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