Week In Review: July 30th – August 5th

Week In Review
In case you missed it, here are just a few of the articles and news stories that mattered in the marketing world this week:

Eloqua Tests Waters for Automation with IPO

On Thursday, marketing automation provider Eloqua had its initial public offering on the NASDAQ. This was a big step, not only for Eloqua, but also for the entire marketing automation industry. Despite the great success and growth within the industry, marketing automation is still a newcomer in the tech industry and no one was certain how the market would react. Despite a down market, Eloqua finished the week up 15%, a good sign for the entire industry.
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Make Sure You Get Your Emails Off the Ground

A lot has been written lately about the effectiveness of email marketing, even in the face of rapid social media growth. A well-crafted email campaign can be your most effective tool in raising brand recognition, generating leads, and closing deals. However, your emails may never reach your audience if you don’t prepare them appropriately. That’s why we put together a comprehensive “preflight check” to help make sure your emails will reach your audience.
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Start Second Guessing Your Facebook Ad Numbers

The hits keep on coming for Facebook it seems. After accusations earlier this week that 80% of Facebook ad clicks for startup Limited Run were coming from bots, sources began to investigate the depth of this fake account problem. It turns out that in a 10-Q filing, Facebook disclosed that over 83 million of their network’s accounts were fake. This is roughly the size of the entire country of Egypt. If you were thinking about investing in Facebook ads, you may want to think twice.
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Google+ Still Slow to Grow, but Brands Don’t Care

A recent study found that although the number of brands on Google+ is growing quickly, the number of fans that engage with those brands is only a fraction of the fans on Facebook. The study was conducted by SEO platform BrightEdge and reports that the active audience for brands on Google+ is approximately 3% that of Facebook. However, with the SEO and ranking advantages offered by Google+, many brands are setting up shop anyways.
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What are some other great marketing stories you’ve found this week? Let us know!