The Week In Review: July 15th-22nd

In case you missed it, here are just a few of the articles and news stories that mattered in the marketing world this week:

Marissa Mayer to Helm Yahoo

Long time Google executive Marissa Mayer was tapped for the CEO position at Yahoo! on Monday. Mayer, who has spent the last 13 years with Google, is reported to have been responsible for heading up such landmark Google products as Gmail, Google News, and Google Maps. Although Yahoo! remains one of the most popular sites on the internet with 700 monthly visitors, the site has been struggling to develop a new direction that will help them monetize this traffic. The appointment of Mayer will certainly shake things up at the tech giant and make for an interesting story to watch.

Content: Fuel for the Marketing Automation Engine

Marketing automation is a powerful tool for marketers everywhere, but it still depends on great content in order to be successful. This is a lesson the folks over at MarketingProfs know well. That is why they put together this great article focus on the important role that content plays in MA strategy and how it can be used effectively. From converting to nurturing leads, this article will walk you through exactly how to get the most out of your content to fuel a successful marketing automation strategy.
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6 Fun Uses for Embedded Tweets

Are you looking for an easy way to make your content more interesting and interactive for your readers? Embedded tweets might be the answer. Pardot’s Jenna Hanington has put together a list of six fun uses for embedded tweets and a link to instructions to help you start embedding. From adding a new perspective to your blog posts to a new eye catching way to display customer testimonials, embedded tweets can add a whole new dynamic to your content.
Read full story at the Pardot Blog>> Gets More Social

On Wednesday,, a “visual marketplace” focused on bridging the gap between data designers and the companies looking to hire them, unveiled a major redesign that will add social features, community structure, and improved browsing. CEO Stew Langille told FastCompany in an interview that the redesign is focused on “making it possible for everyone to participate, communicate, and collaborate in the infographic creation process.” This update doesn’t quite bring infographic creation to the masses, but is a big step forward for companies looking to create infographics of their own without spending big for an agency.
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What are some other great marketing stories you’ve found this week? Let us know!