Week In Review: August 20th

Week In Review

In case you missed it, here are just a few of the articles and news stories that mattered in the marketing world this week:

Automate Your Nurturing Process [Infographic]

One of the standout features of marketing automation platforms is the ability to automate the lead nurturing process with dynamic drip marketing campaigns. Drip campaigns ensure your content is always timely and relevant, your leads are always being engaged, and your sales and marketing teams have more time for less tedious work. However, drip marketing campaigns can be a hard concept to grasp and execute well. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful infographic to explain drip marketing, provide a helpful example, and offer best practices to help you get started on your own campaign.
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Hootsuite to Provide Sweet Deal on Twitter Ads

Earlier this week, Twitter indicated that they were looking to focus more on the business sector for their financial future. The micro-blogging platform wasted no time jumping into this initiative when they announced on Thursday that they would be teaming up with Hootsuite, a social media management dashboard, to sell Twitter ad space. Some 30,000 Hootsuite clients are set to receive $100 vouchers toward twitter ads sometime today. This is a large push by twitter for more engagement from their relatively untapped small and medium sized business users.
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CMOs Still Pushing Digital and Data

The folks over at Marketing Charts have pulled together the results of two of this summer’s most insightful marketing studies to paint a picture of today’s CMO and the direction the marketing discipline is heading. Results showed that online advertising expenditures continue to grow, even as traditional media ad spends are declining. The studies indicated that CMOs are investing heavily in both online advertising and data driven intelligence like market research and campaign optimization.
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Part 2 of Harry Potter and the Magic of Marketing

Pardot’s own Jenna Hanington returns with the second half of last week’s popular “7 Marketing Lessons Learned from Harry Potter” post. Covering books four through seven, today’s post offers marketing insight on understanding your market, utilizing the best tools, and how to find your competitors weaknesses, all framed in the world of Harry Potter! If you are looking for a fun and informative weekend read, this post will not disappoint.
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What are some other great marketing stories you’ve found this week? Let us know!

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