Week In Review: August 13th

In case you missed it, here are just a few of the articles and news stories that mattered in the marketing world this week:

Put Some Strategy Behind Your Content

Despite the growing popularity of content marketing, many marketers have no cohesive strategy for organizing the hundreds of content types and media channels available to them. A great piece of content distributed at the wrong time or through the wrong channel will never be effective. That is why we have created the Content Marketing Mix Infographic to help marketers organize their content efforts to optimize their content’s effectiveness, keep more leads in their sales funnels, and ultimately close more deals.
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Salesforce Tests New Social Communities

Salesforce has made some big moves in the social space this year, most recently with the acquisition of social enterprise start-up BuddyMedia. This week we started to see that acquisition and others productized by the CRM giant. Salesforce introduced a social networking platform designed to foster engagement between customers and partners, simply called Social Communities. This is an interesting direction for salesforce.com and the results of this initial limited release should be very telling for the future role of social media in customer relationship management.
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Twitter Cofounders Rethink Content… Again

Evan Williams and Biz Stone, best known for founding Twitter (and Blogger) are at it again with a new take on content. Their new venture, dubbed Medium, is a platform for collecting and displaying thoughts, images, articles, and more. Sound just like Pinterest? Well the two are similar from what we can tell, but Medium offers an interesting look at the direction of content and how we consume it, capitalizing on both social and visual aspects.
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Harry Potter and the Magic of Marketing

If you’re looking for a fun weekend read that still packs some powerful marketing tips, our very own Jenna Hanington has your back. She has put together part one of a two part series on the marketing lessons to be learned from one of the world’s most popular series, Harry Potter. The post offers some fun and nostalgic musings on the first three installments of the series. Stay tuned next Friday for part two!
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What are some other great marketing stories you’ve found this week? Let us know!