WebEx Connector is Now Available

Happy Friday! The first of our native webinar connectors is now available.

Pardot syncs bidirectionally with WebEx Event Center to seamlessly register attendees for events, report on attendance, and display and score activity all from within the Pardot marketing automation system.


  • Register prospects for WebEx events from Pardot forms via completion actions
  • Display registrations and attendance as activities in the prospect record and score them
  • Report on registrations and attendance for WebEx events
  • Automatically pull in prospects who exist in WebEx but not yet in Pardot

Full details on the WebEx Connector

Pardot WebEx Integration

Still to come are native connectors for GoToWebinar (their API is in private beta) and ReadyTalk (due out by our users conference this November)!

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2 thoughts on “WebEx Connector is Now Available

  • Adam + Team – good stuff, looking forward to the Goto stuff as the current integration process leaves some less than attractive pages…

    Any ETA?

    • Hi Andy — yep. GoToWebinar’s API is in private beta (like “double secret probation” in Animal House) but we have been developing against it for a bit. We should have something quite soon for it, though it will not be as full-featured as our WebEx connector initially due to certain parts of the API being unavailable. I would ask your Citrix rep for early access to the API. Again, you would need GoToWebinar rather than GoToMeeting. Thanks!

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