VMware Sees 641% ROI with Salesforce Pardot

VMware, a leader in cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technology, needed to reinvent their B2B marketing and sales strategy. They knew it would require moving away from their on-site legacy system to a platform that would provide a single source of truth between sales and marketing.

VMware decided to launch their new marketing strategy on the Salesforce platform, powered by Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud. With Salesforce, VMware saw a 641% ROI on their B2B marketing investment.

Read on to learn why VMware relies on Salesforce to power their B2B marketing strategy.

Disconnected Teams with Disconnected Data

Despite the fact that VMware had invested in their digital marketing technology years prior, their entire solution consisted of an on-premise legacy system that relied on custom tools and clunky integrations.

Because of this outdated system, VMware’s marketing and sales teams struggled to align and execute on their go-to-market strategy. Not only did it takes six months on average to create, complete, and execute a marketing campaign, there was no integration between marketing and sales. Marketing struggled to nurture leads, and there were no lead scoring capabilities or automated ways to qualify leads and prioritize follow up.

The VMware team knew that it didn’t have to be this hard. If they wanted to be successful and sustain continued growth, they wouldn’t be able to achieve their goals by simply updating their legacy system. They needed a way to modernize their sales and marketing strategy in a way that would align both teams across a unified, cloud-based platform.

B2B Marketing on the World’s #1 CRM

As the team began evaluating their options, the marketing team realized they needed to reformulate their B2B marketing strategy and find a platform that would allow them to be flexible and efficient, executing campaigns in a matter of days or weeks, not months.

The solution also needed to support custom apps and integrations, since VMware had very customized processes that were built to support a growing sales team.

And because VMware’s parent company, Dell, already had an existing relationship with Salesforce, finding a solution that natively integrated into the Salesforce platform would be icing on the cake.

After researching all of their options, the VMware team decided to invest in the Salesforce platform and create an integrated environment across Pardot, Marketing Cloud, and Sales Cloud. With Einstein AI, advanced analytics capabilities, ready-to-install applications in the AppExchange, and a single platform experience, VMware knew this was the solution that would provide the sales and marketing alignment they needed to grow their business.

Nucleus Research, an information technology research firm specializing in investigative research and the ROI analysis of technology deployments, researched VMware’s experience and found that since implementing Salesforce, VMware has seen:

  • A 641% ROI on their Salesforce B2B marketing investment after less than 3 months
  • Increased productivity (a marketing campaign that used to take six months to build now takes only two-and-a-half weeks)
  • Proven marketing ROI with customized account-based marketing campaigns that now attribute 20% of additional revenue

To learn more about VMware’s experience, download the full Nucleus Research case study here.

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