Visitor Lookup Upgrade: Now looking up all visitors

We’re opinionated about product management at Pardot. A lot of times we get things right but sometimes we miss. One of our early decisions was to only attempt to look up the organizations of anonymous visitors with 2+ page views. We viewed the one page view visitors as “bounces” and did not want our clients going on wild goose chases.

After overwhelming feedback from our client base, we have started to look up all visitors going forward (this started on 3/2/2011). You pointed out that a lot of visitors come to your site to log in to your apps, get there by searching for you, etc. and that even though they may only view one page in that visit, it is important to find out who they are.

This follows along with our recent trend of visitor lookup improvements. You may have noticed that the results are more uniformly formatted (addresses, countries, etc.) and that you can now filter the daily visitor email by geographic region.