“View in CRM” links added to daily emails and prospect lists


We have always had ?View in CRM? links in several places in the app: LeadDeck, assignment and notification emails, and on the prospect details screen. In an effort to make CRM details accessible from even more places, we have rolled out handy links (in the form of a salesforce.com, SugarCRM, NetSuite, or Microsoft Dynamics CRM icon) in daily prospect reports and prospect lists (so you can jump into the CRM without first opening a prospect?s details). We have also changed the text link that was on the prospect details screen to an icon. If you are looking at a prospect and there is no CRM icon, it means that the record does not have a corresponding lead or contact in your CRM system.


CRM Links in Daily Prospect Emails

CRM Links in Prospect Lists

CRM Link on Prospect Details Screen

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