Video Doesn’t Lie

Putting video on your website brings all kinds of benefits for B2B marketers. One of the most obvious uses for video is to improve your site’s content and boost search engine rankings. Find out how to use video for SEO.

Another great use for web video is to showcase customer testimonials. Studies show that people trust “actual customer” ads many times over the usual company-issued branded messages. Think of customer testimonial videos as very effective commercials for your company. Use them to highlight key issues, answer common questions, and provide reassurance to prospects. Here are some possible topics to get you started:

  • Why did you choose Vendor X?
  • What was your evaluation process?
  • What was your implementation process?
  • What benefits have you realized?
  • How likely are you to recommend it to a professional colleague?

Seek out your biggest fans–those customers who’ve given the most positive feedback and rave reviews–and ask them if they’d be willing to make a video. You should be able to put a professionally produced video together for less than $1000, and there are some great video hosting services out there–Wistia and Vzaar are two of our favorites.

Pardot loves posting client testimonials on our own site. Here’s a little inspiration.