The Very Versatile Drip (Webinar-B2B)


Nurturing programs, sometimes referred to as “drips,” are incredibly versatile. They can be used for the basics – a nurturing touch point for prospects, even implementation activities. But this time-saving, cost-effective tool can be used for so much more!

Join Mathew Sweezey, our very own Marketing Automation Evangelist at Pardot, An ExactTarget® Company, and discover the extensive ways in which drips can help address challenges in engaging prospects – and even lost leads! He lays it all out in this webinar, pairing up numerous examples of marketing goals and the type of drip campaign that can save the day.

Mathew Sweezey, Marketing Automation Evangelist, Pardot
Mathew is a leading expert in marketing automation, specifically lead flow analysis and nurturing execution. His primary focus is in advanced lead nurturing workflows. He has worked with numerous lead technology companies, helping them create and execute their lead flow and nurturing processes and is a popular speaker at industry events in the world of marketing automation.