Using Workflow Automation with Pardot

Do you ever wish you had more time in a day to tick more tasks off your never-ending to-do list? You aren?t the only one. Luckily, there?s a new trend in the workplace that can help you save your sanity, without sacrificing your to-do list. It?s called workflow automation and it lets you automate tasks you’d normally take care of manually.

Not only does workflow automation take the routine, repetitive tasks off your plate, but it also gives you back more time in your day for those big-picture tasks that often get pushed to the back-burner.

You can take advantage of this type of automation by connecting Pardot to workflow automation tools like Zapier. In just a few minutes, you can set up code-free automations, or ?Zaps,? that connect Pardot to over 750 other business tools. There are many ways to automate Pardot workflows with Zapier, but here are just a few automations that can save you time:

1. Automatically add new prospects to Pardot from online forms

Are you transferring data between different tools multiple times a day? Whether that means copying and pasting, importing and exporting, or even manually typing data from one tool into another, all that manual work takes a lot of time.

Instead of exporting a list of prospects from your online forms and then importing the list into Pardot, you can rely on a Zap to automate that process for you. That way, you can spend your work day taking care of more important things. Set up a Zap that automatically creates a Pardot prospect whenever a someone fills out your online form. Create the Zap once, turn it on, and your new prospects are automatically added to Pardot.

Zapier connects Pardot to a variety of online form tools, such as Unbounce, Gravity Forms, Typeform, and Wufoo. Just choose the Zap that works for you:

2. Automatically add people you meet in-person to Pardot

When you meet new people at an event or during a meeting, you?ll want to add them to your list of prospects in Pardot. Instead of manually typing in their information into Pardot, you can set up Zaps that automatically send their information from an event tool like Eventbrite or a scheduling tool like ScheduleOnce.

You can even automatically add prospects to Pardot from a paper business card you picked up at a networking event. You can use a tool like FullContact Card Reader that scans business cards then set up a Zap to automatically send those prospects to Pardot.

3. Automatically add new prospects to Pardot from digital ad tools

If your team runs digital ads on social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook, you can now streamline the process of exporting your list of leads from your social media platforms into Pardot. With Zapier, you can do things like set up a Zap that automatically sends new leads from Facebook?s Lead Ads tool to Pardot. Once your prospects have been added are auto-added to Pardot, you can quickly follow up with them, creating a seamless experience for your new prospects.

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2 thoughts on “Using Workflow Automation with Pardot

  • Please could you advise how we get their consent (i.e. they see the opt in wording and agree to it) from scanning their business card using Full Contact Card Reader/Zapier or from the LinkedIn Zap?

    • Hi Leanne, Great question – thanks for asking! When setting up a Zapier integration with Pardot, there is a “do not email” field that you can fill in if you know that a certain prospect does not wish to be emailed. You can also set up a Zap that sends an email to all new contacts, explicitly asking for consent to add them to your email list. If you have any more questions about your specific workflow, feel free to email! Thanks 🙂

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