Using Video in B2B Marketing

Online video marketing isn’t just for B2C marketers anymore. As we kick off 2012, B2B marketers are looking for ways to spice up their content and appeal to the short attention span of today’s web users. Your video doesn’t have to be a professional-grade production and it doesn’t have to go viral — your prospects will just enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your product without having to read a white paper. But a little creativity certainly doesn’t hurt, and we found this great article from AmEx Open Forum with some excellent tips for creating an imaginative video campaign. We’ve discussed a few of the tips here, but be sure to check out the original article by Stephanie Buck for all eight (and for some seriously clever YouTube videos).

Use humor…even if your product isn’t particularly funny.
Check out this commercial for Oaji Valley Taxidermy — the ultimate proof that you don’t need a hip or humorous product to create a funny ad. In fact, the unexpectedness of the humor in this ad is the twist that makes Chuck Testa and his “life-like dead animals” so memorable to the audience — and the reason that this ad has nearly 10 million views on YouTube.

Think outside the box.
Not every video needs actors and a script. This Google ad is incredibly simple — and was probably fairly cheap to produce. With the audio limited to music and various sound clips, the audience is forced to read along to follow the storyline, resulting in a more engaged viewer. The unique presentation, the quick pace of the storyline and the emotional appeal of this ad leave the viewer wanting to hit replay.

Make your video interactive.
Ok, so maybe you don’t have the resources for a “human curling” game to go along with your product like this ingenious ad from Bic. But you can still include buttons at the end of your video linking back to your social media sites or to a free demo of your product. You’ve captured the viewer’s attention with your brilliant video, now interact with them while they’re still engaged.

What are some other examples that you’ve seen of brands using video marketing successfully?