Using Video for SEO

Here’s a novel idea: Apparently you can boost your SEO by regularly posting videos on your site. A recent Search Engine Land article by Shmulik Weller underscores the importance of using video on a regular basis and across your site–not just on your homepage once in awhile. If you want to stand out from your competitors, using video for SEO can be a great differentiator.

Soon after Google acquired YouTube in 2006, it started indexing video in its search results. Weller mentions a startling statistic: Nearly 40% of Google searches include videos in the search results. More videos on your site equals more pages showing up in search results, which in turn can boost your page ranking and search traffic.

Great idea, right? Most definitely. Just be sure you follow the guidelines Weller suggests:

  • Embed the video instead of using pop-ups or frames.
  • Properly contextualize the video by working as many keywords as possible into its title and description.
  • Include as much video metadata as possible (duration, dimensions, etc.).
  • Provide links to related material (either within the site or elsewhere).
  • Web syndication (distributing your videos to popular sites such as YouTube and Facebook) will help you get wider exposure.
  • Video sitemaps will score additional SEO points.